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GT:HD Supports Force Feedback Wheels |

Europeans get an updated version of GT:HD, that adds force feedback support to Logitech steering wheel controllers (specifically Driving Force Pro, GT Force, Driving Force, and Driving Force EX).

While we’ve already seen force feedback in Need For Speed and Ridge Racer 7, it’s great to see this is coming to Sony published titles, such as Gran Turismo, as well.

It’s fairly clear that they can add force feedback now that the legal issues behind the technology have been resolved.

I can’t wait until this updated version reaches North America.

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  • Sporty

    I think it’s pretty telling of what’s to come. JP version had feedback US didn’t. Made it seem as they were moving away from rumble completely.

    Immersion deal announced. Sony San Diago guy let slip GoW3 will have rumble on sixaxis, EU boss lets slip sixaxis is open to change. Now it’s back in GT:HD after being removed…

    Only question is when and I wish I didn’t buy the extra sixaxix controllers when I got my system.

  • I will make a video confirming all of it!!

  • I can 100% CONFIRM working (and VERY GOOD) Force Feedback support (with the old GT3 Logitech Wheel)!

    I will make a short video soon!

  • Darrin

    Great to hear, Segitz. The US GT:HD hasn’t been updated, but I don’t mind waiting. As long as the final GT5 will have FF, I’m happy

  • Biphster

    I can confirm also, it works and works well. My wheel is Logitech Driving Force. Now if only it worked properly with GT3 on the PS3. (It only holds tension, it doesnt have any feedback from the road anymore).