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20GB PS3 to Hit Europe Oct 30th? |

According to, the 20GB PS3 could finally hit Europe Oct 30th. We won’t know how well the PS3 has sold for a little while yet but for various reasons, it hasn’t been a complete sell out. I would’ve liked the 20GB model to be available at launch with maybe a 60/40 split between 60GB and 20GB models.

Sales could’ve been compared between the two models and if the 20GB out sold the 60GB, it would’ve gave Sony a clear message that £425 is way too high. Unfortunatley, they said the demand wasn’t there for the 20GB PS3 after speaking to retailers but I think that’s a load of rubbish. It wasn’t as if Sony had a low number of units available either.

I don’t know if I would’ve took the plunge and got the 20GB model if it was available at around £350 but I know I don’t need the WiFi or SD/MemoryStick/Compact Flash that are not in the 20GB version. If I needed a bigger hard drive I could’ve easily bought a cheap external one to plug in via USB.

I won’t be surprised if Sony does release the 20GB version around Oct as it would look as if the PS3 has dropped in price to the casual observer, especially in the lead up to Christmas.

I will definitely get a PS3 before the end of Oct at the latest no matter what, as there are too many games that I want scheduled for release leading up to that time. DMC4, Mercs 2, GTA IV, Heavenly Sword, PES 7 etc should all be out around that time or just before, so my hand would be forced. That’s if i don’t crack and get it before then.

It also looks as if Genji: Days of the Blade is heading for the bargain bin as it’s available at for just £20! 😯 It can’t be that bad surely? It’s my kind of game aswell. 🙁

  • I played the Demo of Genji, and I must admit, it is utter rubbish (compared to a game like GoW2!) and looks like a PS2 game with HDR and a bit water slapped on (and real time weapon change!!)

  • Sporty

    Yea I rented Genji and couldn’t get more then 30 minutes into it before i had to turn it off.

  • Pc

    I can understand somebody only wanting the PS3 for strictly gaming and not wanting to pay over $500, but me, i have to have the best, and the 60gb PS3 was for me. I actually use the memory card slots and love having the extra 40gb’s of hdd already in there because i have alot of pictures, music, and content downloaded from the PS store, not to mention the game saves for Oblivion can really start to obtain some mass 🙂
    btw..about Genji, I thought the game was beautiful and the gameplay was pretty good, but the camera angles and no camera control blew it for me.

  • i rented genji and agree with Pc’s conclusion. the game design and camera angles really are as bad as they say. the lack of camera control on its own wouldn’t have been a game killer had the game design taken that into account (e.g. onimusha had fixed cameras but it wasn’t a problem).

    on the other hand, if you can get it at a bargain price, it might be worth it…

  • GoW also has fixed camera angles, but that is NO problem at all, if it is done RIGHT!

    But then again, thanks that there was a demo^^

  • GoW 2 is scheduled for April 20th. The same day as Oblivion on PS3. 😡

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