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Cellius Announces three PS3 Exclusives |

Cellius is a joint venture between Namco and Sony that was announced earlier this year. Their stated purpose is to make games for PS3, PC, and mobile phone.

The first three PS3 games from this venture have surfaced on Japanese site mpack. These are all said to be PS3 exclusives. Given that Sony owns a large stake in this venture, that isn’t too surprising.

  • Brave Arms Third-person action game.
  • Chain Limit Espionage or survival game
  • Second Season 01 Sci-Fi drama first-person action

Cellius Games

These all sound like very unique and interesting content. We’ll have to wait a little longer to get more solid details.

(thanks to Sporty for the pointer)

UPDATE: Minor corrections.

  • I dunno, I think Sporty deserves this honor rather than me^^

  • shodan

    自分も登録しているのでアンケートに答えました。』 (2007/03/25 15:05)

    # ab 『画像は最初からあのファミ通風のままですよ。加工などは一切されてません。

    この3作品も調査結果次第で製品化されたり、没になったりするんでしょう。』 (2007/03/25 16:25)

    These game pics are from japanese online survey site ‘mpack’, not magazine.

  • Darrin

    Segitz+shodan, thanks for the corrections. Updated main post.

  • My Spidey sense is tingling at the words: 3rd person action game. 😀

  • can you link to larger images?

  • Pc

    Now that’s the kind of stuff i like to read about !! More exclusives !!!

  • The graphics look great if that’s not CGI.

  • Sporty

    Thanks for the plug Segitz, 🙂

    BTW I read on qj that these games are QTE (Quick Time Event) games. (Like Shenmue) I am slightly worried if it’s true that ALL three are but they are mainly translating from those same images. Hopefully we will learn more about these in July.

  • This is great news.

    As musch as I hate to see Dante on another system DMC is something of the past ( not saying the series is old/dead or anything ). What Sony really needs is some new games like these. Hopefully they’ll prove to be just as good.

  • Sushiboots

    Guys the screens for Second: Season 1 are not target renders. I can read Katakana and it says many times in that article that they are Real-time. リアルタイム means “Real Time” in Japanese. Here, if you don’t believe me you can copy and paste the Katakana into Babelfish on Altavista. Heres a link.

    I circled the parts were it says realtime.

  • If these are from cellius like many are saying (its not totally confirmed yet), it would make sense that the graphics are pretty good. After all, the company is headed by kutaragi, who knows the architecture through and through.

  • Link to larger images?

  • Sporty

    Here’s the largest images I can find on it.

  • OblivionRising

    Brave Arms – Just the sound of “3rd person action game” makes me hope it crushes Gears.
    Chain Limit – “Espionage or survival game”…Reminds me of Metal Gear Solid.
    Second Season 01 – Sci-Fi. I think of Assassin’s Creed, which does have a sci-fi twist to it. Don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, though…