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Assassin’s Creed Interview with Jade Raymond |

I haven’t had too much luck with single-player games recently, having just tried Oblivion and found it wanting. But I think I’ll continue giving Oblivion a try, and I’ll definitely be giving Assassin’s Creed a try when that is released. It’s one of the largest games in development at Ubisoft, if the grapevine is correct. Hopefully Ubisoft can marshall all those resources together in an efficient way to give us a great game.

Xbox Gazette has an interview with Jade Raymond of Ubisoft, and for the most part there’s not much new. We do learn that Ubisoft is using some of their most experienced developers on the project, which is good to hear.

Also interesting is that Ubisoft is modelling three whole cities and the space between them, giving your a lot of territory to explore. Hmmm, somewhat like Oblivion. (Though I doubt that it’ll match Oblivion’s scale.)

Assassin’s Creed – Interview with Jade Raymond

  • freedesign420

    …can’t wait to play this game!

  • MetalProxy

    I dont like the Prince of Persia games at all. Hopefully this is different.

  • ehandlr

    This game is nothing liking Prince of Persia…reason being..this game does not take place in the time frame you might think it does.

  • freedesign420

    big bummer though: no online or co-op play

  • I’ve always thought this would be a crossbreed between Splinter Cell and POP. I’m keeping my eye on this title but it hasn’t floated to the top of the list just yet. Once they’re closer to release and we see more of it – I’m sure it’ll garner some traction.

  • MetalProxy

    I though it was made by they same people. I know the time line, gameplay (?) and story is different. They tend to have goofy ideas, some good and some really bad. Iam sure i will buy it though.

  • this is one of the big ones i’m looking forward to. the trailer looks amazing.

    this is an interesting part of the interview, regarding the xbox360 version: when asked why ubisoft took so long to announce the xbox360 version, she says “We have just recently been able to prove to ourselves that we will be able to deliver on both systems without sacrificing the quality or innovation of our original concept.”

    i’m not exactly sure how to interpret that, although it sounds like they might be having more trouble getting the xbox360 version working as well as the ps3 version. it would be nice if the ps3 version looked/played a lot better than the xbox version 😛

  • ehandlr

    Don’t put much faith into what Jade says. She also said the 360 would have better AI then the PS3 until she caught some flak for it and made a public retraction.