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My Impressions of the PS3 |

So I finally cracked and bought the PS3 today. I tried to resist the temptation and wait for some decent bundles where you actually saved money on the games and accessories but I could wait no more! I got the PS3 with Resistance for £465 from my local GAME, which is a saving of £0 if you bought them individually. 🙄

I also received a gift from Henning in the post, in the form of MotorStorm, so thanks a lot Henning!! I’ll go easy on you when I play you in Resistance in the future* 😉

I unpacked the box to be greeted by a shiny object that looks superb and weighs quite a bit. It didn’t take long before I had plugged it in to my 32″ 100hz wide screen SDTV using composite and the SCART adapter that came in the box. I then connected my PS3 to my wireless hub, which was a very simple task and took very little time. I then tried to register and activate my user ID I registered last December but forgot the password and eventually had to set up a whole new master account with a new ID.

The XMB is very sleek and easy to navigate. Nothing is complicated and everything is easy to locate and fiddle about with.

My first major port of call was to slide MotorStorm in to the PS3 and check out how it looked on my SDTV. My friend came round for the official unveiling so I had a 2nd pair of eyes to see whether it would look rubbish. It looks incredible! Seriously, I was blown away with how good it looks on my SDTV. I had seriously considered holding off buying a PS3 until I got a 1080p HDTV as I was worried my TV wouldn’t do it justice, but my fears were misplaced.

My first race using a bike ended in disaster with a 15th place finish but the best moment was when I crashed and was promptly run over by a 4×4, all in slow motion, which had my friend in fits of laughter!! 😡

It’s a fantastic title with great visuals and it’s a lot of fun to play once you figure out the best route to take. I wish your vehicle wouldn’t explode so easily though. I haven’t tried it online yet.

I then tried Resistance to see whether it would also look good on my SDTV. Most people that have bothered to play the game for more than 1hr have all said the game improves immensely in the graphics department the further in the game you get, so I think I’m in for a treat as the game looks great. It’s a very solid FPS but I’m not the biggest FPS fan so I can’t really comment.

The SIXAXIS pad is great. Nice and light and it fits comfortably in my hand, although I keep forgetting it has no wires so I keep checking for the wire only to find none. 😆

I then paid a visit to the PLAYSTATION Store and downloaded Genji 2 to see just why Amazon is selling it for £20. It’s rubbish! The camera is a joke and I can’t understand why they didn’t use a fully controllable camera. It ruins the game and made the demo pretty much unplayable. I couldn’t target any enemies so I just had to hope they got in the way of my wild swings. I also couldn’t switch characters, even though the demo says you can. I wouldn’t play it for free.

I’m currently in the process of downloading GT HD Concept 2.0 (full game as it says next to it) and F1 CE so hopefully they will fare better than Genji 2.

I’ve added a few people to my friends list and sent and received a message from one of them already. I wish you could send a message to them while you’re playing a game rather than having to exit the game to do it.

I then decided to try out a couple of PS2 games to see how they worked. I tried Red Faction which played with no problems and still looks good but compared to Resistance it’s looks very old. I tried FFXII which seemed to work without any problems but I didn’t try either for very long.

I think I’ll use my PS2 to finish off FFXII and use the PS3 to play God of War 2 when it’s released next month.

I haven’t tried storing any music, photos or vids yet (don’t know if I will any time soon) but everything I’ve done so far has been great with no problems. It’s also pretty much silent 99% of the time and it’s been on for the past 6hrs.

I’m off to give Resistance a good play. 8)

*Please go easy on me Henning!!

  • Marcelo

    Congrats Gary and welcome to the PS3 owners world!

  • See, I told you so^^

    Motorstorm looks even good on SDTV!

    I am just waiting for some major other games with a good story (think Lair or Heavenly Sword). Motorstorm is nice, but I am nearly thru the SP and MP is a bit… boring (I dont know sometimes it is REALLY cool, but sometimes it is boring, I win to often^^). I sure hope for the new modes!

  • Congrats Gary! I knew you wouldn’t regret getting it now versus waiting for an HDTV.

  • Gary

    I’m writing this from my PS3 8)
    I’ve tried GT HD & F1 CE but neither of the demos have impressed me much. Both good looking games, just not* as great as MotorStorm.

    *Writing with the SIXAXIS isn’t great.

  • I originally played resistance on my SD. Wait till you see it in HD. It’s a revelation. Same with Bluray movies. When you’re playing resistance it seems like a perfect transition title. At the beginning the graphics seem very last gen but as you progress each level gets more and more next gen. Good to great game. Online is fantastic. And Motorstorm in HD is an absolute treat, edge of your seat kind of game. I’m not that good of a driver so I’m always in the pack and there the game shines. And the crashes are so well done. Have fun. See you online sometime.

  • Darrin

    Congratz Gary! I can’t believe how quickly you caved in 😆

  • Alex

    Hey guys, ive been thinking about buying a PS3 in the next few weeks. Is there any reason why I should hold off? I know the games are coming.

  • I agree, Segitz, you can’t beat a good story driven game. MotorStorm is fun but it will be played in burst whereas Resistance is a game I could easily play for hours at a time.

    You can play two player co-op on Resistance right? Anybody fancy a game right now?

    I held out for 4 days, Darrin. That was incredibly hard considering I’ve been looking forward to the PS3 since 2005.

    Alex, the only benefits you have from holding off buying a PS3 are better bundles where you actually SAVE money and a wider selection of games. I was going to wait until the Autumn but I just couldn’t hold out.

  • Sorry, I dont have Resistance, and I dont plan on buying it (as long theres no kb/mouse support). I played the demo and I majorly suck at Gamepad FPS^^

    So, Gary, you say F1 looks as good as MS? Compare them at 720P^^ MS looks MUCH better there!

    I just hope, there will be some nice games here in due time (like soon^^).

  • I meant NOT as great as MotorStorm.

    *edits typo*


  • chrysostom

    Welcome to the party. Now, you’d really want to buy a 1080p TV to realize the full potential. 🙂 Actually, everyone’s been focusing on the visual of PS3 but forget about its audio department. PS3’s audio is supposed to be really great if you have good equipment. (For one thing, it plays SACD) Does anyone have an HDMI receiver and compare the differences between HDMI and optical?

  • The PS3s audio is EXCELLENT!

    I have a Sony 6.1 DTS and Dolby Digital Decoder, which gets used to its fullest (if the time is right of course). Sadly my TV only has HDMI and my receivers HDMI is simply “pass thru”, so it doesnt fetch the audio 🙁

    But then again, with DTS the sound is nearly just as good (with good speakers, which I finally have! When my setup here is done, I’ll show you my playing grounds)

  • Lakuma

    Congrats and Welcome!

    Don’t forget that you can Fold too while you are not using!

    Once you do get a 1080p TV you can fully appreciate watching movie in Blu-Ray!

    Smart move on buying one, congrats!!

  • MetalProxy

    Good to see you gave in man. I lost my job at EBgames for my PS3. They tried to tell me to wait… puhh.

  • Sporty

    Congratz on the PS3. I was originally planning on waiting till March myself (here in the US) but ended up snagging one in November when the temptation got too much 🙂

  • liar

    And it gets better the more you use it…quality from top to bottom.


  • Pc

    I’ll have to play some motorstorm or resistance with you online later tonight.

  • Sporty

    Not sure if you can play Resistance from across the pond togather. I know that people that bought the JP version can’t plan on US servers and vice versa. But let us know how that works

  • AL

    Anyone know how you would go about getting the Home beta?

  • Burten

    Congrats Gary!

    I picked up MotorStorm and RFOM on saturday. PSN = Borten if you need some easy kill 🙂

  • Biphter

    Congrats Gary! This is living, eh? And your dead right, typing with sixaxis sux big time. Have u tried F1 with the rain turned on? I thought it was much better looking after I switched it on.

    Also, is your ps3 DEAD silent 99%? Mine isnt, im worried something is wrong, especially when [email protected] is running, it sounds as loud as an xbox360 ! Generally the fan runs in 3rd speed after being on for 20mins, 4th when [email protected] is running.

    What are other folks PS3s running like on average?

  • Gary

    The fan has gotten slightly louder during today’s use. It’s not exactly quiet but it doesn’t make itself heard when I’m playing a game. It is noticeable more today than yesterday though.

    On a scale of 1 to 5 of it being annoying I’d say it was a 2 at worst. It’s still early days though.

  • Biphster

    Ok that sounds a bit more like mine then. I think i’ve heared so many stories of it being quiet that I got worried. I’m maybe especially listening to it or something which is making it sound worse.

    When i’m playing games its not heared hardly because games are genarally noisy (Which is good), but when i’m playing movies its noticeable (I imagined it would be quieter, or at least pull down a gear when detecting movie playback as its not the most taxing of processes), when its running [email protected] and TV is on I can hear the PS3 over the TV on average volume (Quite annoying), But I understand how Taxing [email protected] is on the Cell.

    I think maybe I just need to relax… 🙂