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PS3’s Oblivion: Not so Impressed |

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Oblivion, and the general consensus is that this is a fantastic game that’s lot of fun, though it does have a couple bugs. As well, people suggest that this is one of the best games available for the PS3, and that even people who aren’t RPG’ers would enjoy it.

Not me.

I rented it on Friday and have been playing it every day since. And you know what? I just can’t get into it. I closed my first Oblivion portal and now my task is to help some guard clear some city of bad guys. Which I find quite boring. These puny little bad guys just toss fire at you and attack when close enough. A couple swings of the sword and they’re dead. Rinse and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Untold Legends follows the same basic formula but for some reason I get a much bigger kick out of UL than I do out of the big “O”.

I’ll be trying the game again tonight to see if it picks up steam any. But I’m not holding out much hope. On Wednesday I’ll return the game to Rogers, and I don’t think I’ll ever play it again.

Disclaimer: this is purely my opinion. Your opinion may vary, but that does not invalidate mine.

  • I can see your point. You can play Oblivion any way you want, If you want to barrel through and bang through the story – you can, fast travel to any location (missing out on many expeditions and other encounters. If you want to explore every nook and cranny (like I do) you can do that. I love exploring and finding new items, taking side quests, etc…. I think I logged close to 30hr before I even got to my first Oblivion Gate. Oblivion is what you make of it.

  • If you chose a warrior class prepare to be bored. Mages are the most fun because they mix magic with swordplay. The game has some amazing storylines and will sap up your free time.

  • I’ll be getting Oblivion for the PS3 when ot’s released over here Oct 20th. I love RPGS so I’ll definitley give it a shot.

    Henning doesn’t like it because it’s single player only. 😉

  • Richard

    If you only play the main story, yes, the game is very boring. You should do any of the other 1 million things you can do. the oblivion gates are by far the worst part of what is a GREAT game.

    try joining a guild and go back to the main story a little later. There’s a lot more to the game thna what you’ve seen so far.

  • Jimmy Stewart

    Not sure about the PS3 version but I played this a little over a year ago when it was released on the 360 and in that version there was an option to increase the difficulty. It was in the form of a slider. If you’re killing enemies that easily, you probably need to move the slider a little bit further into the more difficult side of the bar. Another thing that gives this game some nice replay value is how the monsters will level up as your character does… so the game should always provide a challenge to any player assuming that they use the difficulty bar properly.

    As far as the story goes… what more do you expect. I think it basically fulfills what this type of fantasy RPG is supposed to provide… but that’s not why you buy this game. You buy it to take your time exploring the massive world and doing loads of side quests. There’s so much to see and do outside of the actual plot. It’s designed more as an open ended game and if you approach it looking for a more traditional RPG you’re certainly going to be disappointed.

  • Well, I wasn’t looking for a more traditional RPG, because I’ve never played any such RPG since Ultimate III on my Atari, which I only played a little bit.

    So I’m a complete RGP newbie (unless you count top-down RPG’s like Champions of Norrath and Untold Legends).

    Maybe tonight I’ll try joining a guild. Where do I go to do that?

  • You can try to join the thieves guild or the mages guild, both are in the main city. I played thru the whole dark brotherhood and mages guild stuff, but was a bit bored bit it… I dont like it, that your enemys level with you. I prefer RPGs like NWN over this one…

  • ehandlr

    go contract vampirism then try to cure it. That will keep you busy for some time.

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    Thanks for your opinion. With WoW being what it is I don’t think I could ever play another RPG that isn’t Final Fantasy. I already give up much time to WoW that I can’t spare any for Oblivion.

  • MetalProxy

    The whole vampire thing is a pain. They have me running all over the place for the stupidest items. It might be simpler to start over, and leave the inocent alone. I think its fun to get people all worked up then paralize them, and then grab and run with the main town key. It seems the quests are questionable. I had the game for xnox and keep getting disc read error every other hour so i stopped playing on that system. I have played over 35 hours and have had zero disc read errors w/PS3. This game is not the best RPG, final fantasy 12 was more intertaining.

  • Pc

    I love the game !!! It ran horribly on the 360, but just fine on the PS3, There are some hitches every now and then, but for the most part, it runs great and looks great ! There is soooo many things to do in the game , you just gota search around and talk to people. Just think of something you want to do, and then go and try to do it. Right now i’m leveling my sneak and conjuration powers so i can sneak into people’s houses, steal their stuff and then kill them !! hehe
    It’s sooo hard to get away with stealing stuff in houses, and especially killing them and getting away with it. Does anybody know what you have to do in order to steal and kill without seeing a stupid guard on your screen when you try to leave with the loot ???

  • Alex

    Most RPGs produced in the western world are boring. Looks are great, great attention to details, but it’s just dull ’cause people who make them posses no real fantasy. It’s absolutely impossible to play smth like Oblivion, Might and Magic after playing the best japanese RPG series, you just getting asleep. For some reason only japanese know how to tell stories and make state-of-art games at the same time turning it to commericial success. Try FFX, FFXII.

  • MetalProxy

    Hey “PC” after you steal and kill, drop the items in a chest or maybe on the ground before the gaurds show up. When the guards do show up pay or stay the fine. Go back for the goods after you are done with the guard. I havent tried this but a buddy said to try it sometime.

  • matt

    Henning, kill someone that isn’t a creature or bad guy. After you kill an innocent go to sleep in a bad. That should liven the game up for you!. I really had a lot of fun with this game. I logged over 135 hours when I finished. Yes parts get repetitve but overall the story lines can be a lot of fun.

  • Knighthawk

    Ah it’s really a game you love or hate, just seems the latter for you!