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Resistance Online |

I tried Resistance’s online multiplayer modes last night and before I continue, I’d better explain something first. I’ve never played any game online before. In fact, I’ve been opposed to online multiplayers for a good few years. I’d associate online gaming with PC geeks and weirdos with super PCs who spend 20hrs a day mastering their skills and screaming abuse at noObs (or whatever else newbies are called) down their headsets. It just wasn’t a side of gaming I wanted to experience.

That all changed when I got my PS3 and free access to online play. I thought I’d give it a shot saying as it’s part of the PS3 experience now. So I clicked on multiplayer on Resistance and downloaded an update which took 8mins. Once that was done I wasn’t sure what each mode involved so just chose a free for all death match with 15 players on the Rooftops map. I promptly got my arse kicked and finished 15th 😆 but man, it was a lot of fun!! I killed 3 people and died 9 times with 4 assists but it was mad hectic fun!

I then got invited into a 20 man team battle (40 players) with someone on my buddies list. This took a while to set up as you can’t access the messages you receive in the XMB while you’re playing a game so you have to quit the game to find out if your buddy wants to play or not. 😐

Once it was set up I had a great time. The highest I ranked was 13th out of 20, and my average kills and deaths was 4 and 9 for most of the time I played, which was over 30mins. Yeah I suck but FPS aren’t my favourite genre and I’ve never played online before so 😛

I haven’t tried MotorStorm online play yet but people have said it’s easier to organise arranged play with people on your buddies list.

I can imagine it being a lot of fun if your buddies have headsets on and you taunt each other during play. I doubt I would wear a headset with strangers though. I’ll probably buy one at some point.

I’m sure Insomniac said Resistance would be using global servers soon. Let’s hope so. It would be great to arrange a PS3Blog meet up on Resistance, with our readers and writers doing battle!

  • Looks like you had the same sort of epiphany I did.

    I never play Resistance or CoD3 in single player modes. Online only for those games! It’s awesome.

  • Yeah, it’s a lot of fun but I still prefer the emotional involvement of the single player experience. When I get a 2nd pad I’ll invite a friend round to play 2 player co-op. It’s a shame you can’t play 2 player co-op online. 🙁

  • Sporty

    Maybe in an update they could add co-op.

    I kinda felt the same way a long time ago about online play.
    But just for the hell of it I stumbled on MPlayer several years ago and got hooked on Quake. That lasted about a year until Quake 2 then Quake 3.

    I swear in about 3 or 4 years those are the only games I played. Not that I played constantly but Online adds infinite replay value. I still need to pick up a headset for my PS3 though

  • AFAIK, Insomniac has said that they don’t plan to add an online co-op mode.

  • It would be very fun to do a on-line battle with all the writers & readers here 🙂

  • MetalProxy

    Not to be dumn, but online is practitly co-op. The split screen stuff on a wide screen TV gives me a headache. I agree “Hatch” it would be a good time.

  • Pc

    Once you join a clan with some buddies of yours, it’s even more fun because when you start a match, you can join a squad and talk to your friends “only” with a headset. This way your not having to listen to noobs or jackasses while you play !! It’s great !!

  • Burten

    Tosh Hatch Says:

    March 28th, 2007 at 9:16 am
    It would be very fun to do a on-line battle with all the writers & readers here

    All yesterday evening flew away troubleshooting the “wifi-connection-problem” I have with the PS3..
    But I WILL be online this evening (wiht cable), just gotta put my daugther to bed first..

    How about the rest of PS3Blog readers?

  • Is Resistance using global servers yet?

    I’ll play you Burten if you’re EU based. I think you are?

  • Burten

    Oh, yes I am Gary. Stuck way up north in Europe..

  • Pc

    I guess alot of you from this site are over in Europe, right ?? I think that means i can’t play online with you guys, which kinda sux 🙁 I’m in the U.S. and i play Resistance regularly.

  • Burten

    Yeah, that sucks.. Lets hope they put up a global server soon.

  • Henning, Darrin and Tosh are all based in North America so there’s 3 right there. It would be interesting to know where our regular readers are based though, throughout the world.