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Poll: How did the European Launch Go? |

Now that the European launch came and went, I’d like to hear your thoughts. What do you think of the launch?

How well did Sony do with the European launch?

  • Great launch!
  • Good launch.
  • Okay, shoulda been better.
  • Bad launch.

Previous poll results:

Do you have problems with the Bluetooth controller to PS3 connection?

* Often: 6% (18)
* Every once in a while: 13% (37)
* Just once: 9% (25)
* Never: 49% (136)
* Don’t have a PS3: 23% (64)

Total Votes : 280

It looks like that, out of those that actually do have a PS3, most (63%) are not affected by this problem.

  • Jason

    It’s pretty disturbing that 1 in 3 Sixaxis controllers are freezing up and Sony is still in denial that there is a problem. I don’t even see the media reporting this on this problem even though similar complaints are all over the forums.

  • I think the EU launch was somewhere between Good and Great. The amount of hardware available was great as was the wide selection of games (if you didn’t own a 360).

    The amount sold (165k in the UK and 600,000 in the EU)) can be classed as great, considering the high price of the PS3 and all the doom and gloom that was portrayed across the web.

    It could’ve been better. Some high profile games missed the launch (Oblivion, GRAW 2, Rainbow Six Vegas etc) and a complete sell out would’ve been amazing.

    Still, I think it was a very successful launch for Sony but I hope demand stays strong over the coming months. A lack of games can’t be blamed, if demand tails off, as there are some big names scheduled for release over the coming months.

  • Jason, my SIXAXIS has experienced no problems whatsoever. I haven’t even needed to charge it yet.

  • Jason: I think you’re blowing things out of proportion. Only 18 out of 216 people (8%) said that they have problems “often”. While Sony does need to address this problem, it’s hardly what I’d call a major issue.

  • Great, just on how many consoles were delivered for launch!

  • PSN ID# Lifendz

    Great Launch.

  • Jason

    I might be over-reacting a little because both of my controllers exhibit this phenomenon. But if 8% of the controllers out there need to be recalled I’d say that’s a pretty significant number. I’d just like some acknowledgment that there is a problem.

    Here’s the most recent word from Sony….

  • MetalProxy

    I know I shouldnt bring this up but what was with that xbox360 boat with the banner “xbox360 loves you”? They where also giving away free beer with purchase of there machine. It kind of made me mad, but its good to see it didnt affect the PS3 a whole lot. I had troubles with my controll for the first week. Now its been several months and it has not happened again since. Even if the controler has a low battery it still dont act goofy now. And by the way there a people who dont have a PS3 that are reporting problems with it.

  • Jason, I havent experienced any connection drop-out on my PS3 yet, BUT

    I had it several times with my bluetooth mouse (on my PC). I know it really sucks^^ (the worst timing was, when we were fighting inside an instance in WoW back in the days). But considering, it is nearly the same problem, I think, there seems to be a problem with the bluetooth standard. Maybe after some time, theres some sort of syncing problem, which leads to a repairing or so… But as I am no electrical techhead, I cant even tell, if this is resolveable!

    Is there much radiation in your house? Meaning WiFi, a nearby cellphone transmitter, a mobile phone, a DECT telephone… anything that is wireless or something trivial like a Microwave oven (really!)? If so, try to switch them of and see if the problem stays. Often, these problems arise from other sources of radiation.

    The main problem is Wifi in this case, as some frequencies of WiFi and Bluetooth overlap

  • Jason

    The only thing I have in the house is Wi-Fi. I’ve tried putting the transmitter in other parts of the house but it hasn’t solved the problem. Interesting about the frequencies though, I didn’t know they overlapped. I’ll try another channel to see if that helps.