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Insomniac’s Chief Creative Officer, Brian Hastings’ love letter to the PS3


Mr. Hastings is admittedly sensationalist and controversial while I normally expect developers to be a little more cool-headed and reserved. If you are a PS3 fan, this is a must read. Some of the points he raised are old ones, but it’s definitely got plenty of interesting bits.

It’s a little long to repost here, so follow the links at the bottom of this post.

I’m really excited to hear about the CPU advantage. I’m certainly a tech programmer myself, but it’s hard to get a good feel from white papers and specs. You really need to work with the hardware and tune it with some performance intensive software that you are very familiar with.

10 Reasons Why PS3 Will Win This Console Generation (login required)

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My Impressions of the PS3

So I finally cracked and bought the PS3 today. I tried to resist the temptation and wait for some decent bundles where you actually saved money on the games and accessories but I could wait no more! I got the PS3 with Resistance for £465 from my local GAME, which is a saving of £0 if you bought them individually. 🙄

I also received a gift from Henning in the post, in the form of MotorStorm, so thanks a lot Henning!! I’ll go easy on you when I play you in Resistance in the future* 😉

I unpacked the box to be greeted by a shiny object that looks superb and weighs quite a bit. It didn’t take long before I had plugged it in to my 32″ 100hz wide screen SDTV using composite and the SCART adapter that came in the box. I then connected my PS3 to my wireless hub, which was a very simple task and took very little time. I then tried to register and activate my user ID I registered last December but forgot the password and eventually had to set up a whole new master account with a new ID.

The XMB is very sleek and easy to navigate. Nothing is complicated and everything is easy to locate and fiddle about with.

My first major port of call was to slide MotorStorm in to the PS3 and check out how it looked on my SDTV. My friend came round for the official unveiling so I had a 2nd pair of eyes to see whether it would look rubbish. It looks incredible! Seriously, I was blown away with how good it looks on my SDTV. I had seriously considered holding off buying a PS3 until I got a 1080p HDTV as I was worried my TV wouldn’t do it justice, but my fears were misplaced.

My first race using a bike ended in disaster with a 15th place finish but the best moment was when I crashed and was promptly run over by a 4×4, all in slow motion, which had my friend in fits of laughter!! 😡

It’s a fantastic title with great visuals and it’s a lot of fun to play once you figure out the best route to take. I wish your vehicle wouldn’t explode so easily though. I haven’t tried it online yet.

I then tried Resistance to see whether it would also look good on my SDTV. Most people that have bothered to play the game for more than 1hr have all said the game improves immensely in the graphics department the further in the game you get, so I think I’m in for a treat as the game looks great. It’s a very solid FPS but I’m not the biggest FPS fan so I can’t really comment.

The SIXAXIS pad is great. Nice and light and it fits comfortably in my hand, although I keep forgetting it has no wires so I keep checking for the wire only to find none. 😆

I then paid a visit to the PLAYSTATION Store and downloaded Genji 2 to see just why Amazon is selling it for £20. It’s rubbish! The camera is a joke and I can’t understand why they didn’t use a fully controllable camera. It ruins the game and made the demo pretty much unplayable. I couldn’t target any enemies so I just had to hope they got in the way of my wild swings. I also couldn’t switch characters, even though the demo says you can. I wouldn’t play it for free.

I’m currently in the process of downloading GT HD Concept 2.0 (full game as it says next to it) and F1 CE so hopefully they will fare better than Genji 2.

I’ve added a few people to my friends list and sent and received a message from one of them already. I wish you could send a message to them while you’re playing a game rather than having to exit the game to do it.

I then decided to try out a couple of PS2 games to see how they worked. I tried Red Faction which played with no problems and still looks good but compared to Resistance it’s looks very old. I tried FFXII which seemed to work without any problems but I didn’t try either for very long.

I think I’ll use my PS2 to finish off FFXII and use the PS3 to play God of War 2 when it’s released next month.

I haven’t tried storing any music, photos or vids yet (don’t know if I will any time soon) but everything I’ve done so far has been great with no problems. It’s also pretty much silent 99% of the time and it’s been on for the past 6hrs.

I’m off to give Resistance a good play. 8)

*Please go easy on me Henning!!


Assassin’s Creed Interview with Jade Raymond

I haven’t had too much luck with single-player games recently, having just tried Oblivion and found it wanting. But I think I’ll continue giving Oblivion a try, and I’ll definitely be giving Assassin’s Creed a try when that is released. It’s one of the largest games in development at Ubisoft, if the grapevine is correct. Hopefully Ubisoft can marshall all those resources together in an efficient way to give us a great game.

Xbox Gazette has an interview with Jade Raymond of Ubisoft, and for the most part there’s not much new. We do learn that Ubisoft is using some of their most experienced developers on the project, which is good to hear.

Also interesting is that Ubisoft is modelling three whole cities and the space between them, giving your a lot of territory to explore. Hmmm, somewhat like Oblivion. (Though I doubt that it’ll match Oblivion’s scale.)

Assassin’s Creed – Interview with Jade Raymond


PS3’s Oblivion: Not so Impressed

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Oblivion, and the general consensus is that this is a fantastic game that’s lot of fun, though it does have a couple bugs. As well, people suggest that this is one of the best games available for the PS3, and that even people who aren’t RPG’ers would enjoy it.

Not me.

I rented it on Friday and have been playing it every day since. And you know what? I just can’t get into it. I closed my first Oblivion portal and now my task is to help some guard clear some city of bad guys. Which I find quite boring. These puny little bad guys just toss fire at you and attack when close enough. A couple swings of the sword and they’re dead. Rinse and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Untold Legends follows the same basic formula but for some reason I get a much bigger kick out of UL than I do out of the big “O”.

I’ll be trying the game again tonight to see if it picks up steam any. But I’m not holding out much hope. On Wednesday I’ll return the game to Rogers, and I don’t think I’ll ever play it again.

Disclaimer: this is purely my opinion. Your opinion may vary, but that does not invalidate mine.


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