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GTA IV Images and Rumours |

So every man and his computer literate dog has probably watched the short GTA IV trailer that R* revealed last Thursday. As you can see, there are some images taken from the trailer for your viewing pleasure. So, it seems GTA IV is going to be set in and around Liberty City, which has angered some officials of New York. A few sites have analysed the trailer and came up with what they think GTA IV could be about. Time to join in on the fun, so here’s what I think (maybe tongue in cheek) will happen with GTA IV:

GTA IV Rollercoaster

Nice roller coaster eh? I can imagine taking my motorbike on a nice ride on that bad boy! OK enough, back on topic. The main character appears to be from Eastern Europe. Some say Russian well I say he’s from the Ukraine and his name is Andriy. He managed to get to New York via Liverpool and has worked his way up the food chain by means of a dodgy nature. There are a couple of possibilities (in my head) of what the story will involve:

Possibility no.1: Andriy is an undercover cop who has worked his way up the food chain, over a number of years, building intel on the Russian head of the Mafia that has has taken over New York. The crime boss is called Roman. Usual mayhem and destruction takes place before your cover is blown and all hell breaks loose.

Possibility no.2: Andriy is just one of several main characters that you will control in the main game. Each character is an enforcer in a rival mob gang. There are 2 main gangs: Russian and Italian American. The story plays out similar to Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy I believe it was called in NA), in that you’re trying to damage/destroy the rival mob and it’s territories, with your viewpoint changing from side to side at certain points in the game. Your loyalty is constantly being split between the main characters of each mob.

Possibility no.3: The game is a MMO game where anybody can jump in and play the role of a cop/rival gang member/pedestrian who can interfere with what you’re doing or they can do whatever they like. Up to 30 players can join in at any time and once they leave, normal AI resumes. I can dream.

Possibility no.4: It’s the usual GTA story where you play a low life thug who dreams of taking over the entire State etc etc etc.


Where will it be set? Will it be in a semi fictional State like San Andreas? Encompassing fictional versions of New York and New Jersey and the areas linking the two? Or will it be set in multiple areas including Vice City and even a foreign City? I think it will be a bigger area than San Andreas but split over 3 areas: Liberty State, Vice City and a foreign City (maybe Moscow). Why? I don’t know I’m just rambling!

So what do you think? What’s your ideas on the GTA IV story and setting?

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to get on that roller coaster with my motorbike!! 8)

GTA IV Images

  • Jose

    Possibility number 5: Andriy has moved to New York in a desperate bid to save his failing football career. The player must guide him through a season playing for the NY Red Bulls whilst avoiding assassination attempts by ubervillian “Roman A” who wants revenge for the loss of ยฃ30m.

  • The Stig

    Well, I’m certainly looking forward to playing this on my xbox 360!

    Should be a great game.

  • It won’t be long before you buy a PS3, Stig. You can’t resist MotorStorm.

    I agree, GTA IV is going to be a great game and i can’t wait for it!

  • freedesign420

    hats off Gary; well written, fun article! my motor is churning, nex/gen don’t fail me now !ยก

  • I’m wondering will the pedestrians behave more realistically now?

  • Pc

    I really don’t know what to expect at this point, besides one of the greatest games of all time !!

  • Pc

    Ohhh, btw Stig, if you play a game like GTA IV on a 360, your system will most likely crash and you will have to pay about $140 to get it fixed. Plus you have to get your own box and pay to ship it to them also !! Have a great day with your 360 !! Every single one of my friends that bought a 360, has had to ship it in because it broke. The really sad thing about this is, even my friends that didn’t buy one at launch had theirs break.
    Sorry if i was being kind of rude, it’s just that i hate Microsoft now because the 360 was the worst system ever made. Xbox live is basically what has kept the Xbox’s alive ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think the pedestrians will have greater AI. I’m expecting them to react to your character randomly shooting by running away and taking cover while shouting and screaming and even calling for the cops!

    Similarly, if you’re driving your vehicle like a blind chimp on happy pills, I’d expect them to react a lot more realistically than in previous GTA games. GTA IV is going to be amazing!! I hope it is released this year but I’d rather it was delayed, than have it suffer with the same bugs that have been present in previous games.

  • my %^& is on hard waiting for this one

  • luke

    how do you know his name and how do you say it? i dont like that name

  • MetalProxy

    There are some interesting ideas here. Goofy name though, it should have been Andy. Cant wait to be playing this on my PS3. I sold my 360 and all i could get was 60 dollars. Nobody wants the thing…

  • Gary

    luke, I don’t know his name, it’s just a guess based on absolutely nothing. Andriy is pronounced something like Andry, Andy with an r, (it’s a common name in the Ukraine). MetalProxy, I don’t think Andy is a name found in the Ukraine much, although it probably is their version of Andy. ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Luke

    Oh you made it up. i guess i misread it as fact earlier lol.

  • mark berry

    i love this game i have played on all of the gta games but never i have meet a load of losers like you lot this game is billant so dont dis it Andriy is my dads name

  • Xbx360mad

    OMG…..I SO CANNOT W8 FOR THIS!!!! Theres also annother fact about gta iv, the cars use to be locked in the old gtas well in this one, there still locked, BUT u get to smash the window climb inside and hot wire the car. SWEET EH???? I RECKON THIS IS GONNA BE THE BIGGEST GAME HIT EVER…..

  • Zack

    You can’t ride the roller coaster