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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Preview |

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Quake game in the pipeline, and it’s not your usual Quake. This Quake has a couple things that previous quakes haven’t had: roles and goals. Read the Quake Wars preview over at IGN to get some more details…



Okay. What do ya think? I’m a shooter fan, though I don’t live and breath those games to the degree many whackos intense gamers do. But I still get a kick out of running around and blasting away at nouns (people, places, things). So not only am I looking forward to games like GRAW2, Army of Two, and Unreal Tournament, I’m also curious to see what the old die-hards over at Activision have in store for Quake Wars.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Preview

[Edit: here’s a Quake Wars interview.]

  • MetalProxy

    The game looks alright, but there are several first person shooters coming out. I want more third person veiw games.

  • Pc

    I watched a fairly long preview video about this game over at IGN yesterday and it looks like it could have some potential. Seems a lot like Battlefield, but different weapons and a different plot.

  • Sporty

    I agree with MetalProxy here. Too many FPSs. Resistance and CoD3 are enough for my PS3 for awhile. I want more action/adventure, RPG and I’m about done with racing after Motorstorm till GT5.