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New Devil May Cry 4 Info |

As mentioned by Fleakitten in our Shoutbox, Magicbox has some new info about Devil May Cry 4. Nothing Earth shattering is mentioned but some of the info is new (to me at least).

Firstly, DMC4 will run at a constant 60 fps, but nothing is mentioned if it will be 720p or 1080p. My guess is it will be 720p. The camera angles will be more cinematic but I hope they don’t mean long distance views as seen in the rubbish Devil May Cry 2. ๐Ÿ˜ก

You can unlock new characters after you finish the game but I’ve no idea who they mean. Trish? Dante as a fully playable character that you can play in the main game? I hope so. In surprising news (to me anyway), Dante will use the 4 styles from DMC3, Trickster (my favourite), Rpyal Guard, Gunslinger and Swordmaster, and he will control and feel differently to Nero. I didn’t really expect them to bring back the same styles from DMC3. I only ever used Trickster as it was the most stylish way to kick demon arse. 8)

Dante Must Die

Finally, it appears the ‘relationship’ between Dante and Nero (Father and Son? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) will feature in future games in the DMC series. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not but when will they give us the DMC game we all want? A Devil May Cry that features Sparda as the main character!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Make it happen Capcom. Oh, and while you’re at it, please update the official website. Thanks.

DMC4 Info. About halfway down the page.

  • I sure hope they don’t mean DMC2 camera either. >.>

    Nero’s going to have his hands full if he has to fight Dante and he’s using Royal Guard. I bet it’s going to be like Dante vs Vergil in DMC3.

  • Nero’s going to have his hands full with Dante regardless. 8)

    Trickster > Royal Guard.

  • Did you hear that a DMC4 demo is supposedly playable on kiosks in Japan?

  • Gary

    *books flight to Japan*

    I hope they release a playable demo on the PSN.

    In fact, I hope they release anything on the PSN in the EU as it’s pretty rubbish at the minute.

  • ET

    Gary, you disappoint me.

    The ONLY way to play DMC3 is by using Royal Guard.

    Trickster is for those who think it looks cool and is ultimately the easiest style to ‘learn’ in the game. The problem with Trickster is the lack of cancelling actions that are of great depth such as Swordmaster and – of course – Royal Guard.

    It (Trickster) can be useful against certain enemies (the chess pieces for example) although it is by far the least consistence style in the game because it isn’t as useful as Swordmaster and Royal Guard, which you can use all through the game under any given situation.

    So yeah, Royal Guard is the best.


  • Ahh, Lee. You see, I have to disagree with you there but I’ll give a detailed reason why so that you can understand why I prefer Trickster over the other styles.

    I prefer to kick demon arse using Trickster in DMC3 simply because it’s the one style that closely resembles the way Dante fought in DMC, once you maxed out his abilities. His speed, agility, super human techniques and high combo making moves from the first game are mainly present in the Trickster style. I loved DMC because I felt I was controlling a being that moved, acted and fought like nobody else that I controlled in a game before. He is way beyond your typical bad arse human tough guy with super gadgets or enhanced body parts/DNA.

    Using the other styles, I felt the gameplay slowed down an awful lot compared to the hectic paced battles that you have when using Trickster. The pace of the DMC series is what sets it apart from other stylish action games. When you battle, you do so using instincts and reacting to the situations rather than planning set techniques that you will use during combat.

    And that’s where the style fits in to my personality. I prefer to react to what’s going on in a split second. The Trickster style makes me feel the way I did when I played DMC. The other styles just don’t have that same feeling for me.

    I’ll also be honest and say DMC3/SE just wasn’t as fun to play as DMC nor did it have the same re-playability as DMC. It’s telling that I’ve sold both DMC3 and DMC3 SE and kept DMC.

    Still, I have a feeling that DMC4 will offer a greater incentive to replay the game once you’ve finished it and it may even tempt me to try out the other styles once I’ve re-mastered Trickster.

    I hope it won’t be too long before you’re back gaming fully (if you aren’t already) and I hope your arm has healed. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • carlos

    go dmc4 it is going to be the best game ever buy nothing could beat the new skate game

  • Lisa

    “Finally, it appears the โ€˜relationshipโ€™ between Dante and Nero (Father and Son?”

    dude…are you serious? where’d you hear that? or is it just a guess??? btw, I totally, agreee, trickster is the best….got though the bulk of the game that way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hustla

    Swordmaster is best, royal guard is just annoying and its shit on Dante Must Die fighting Vergil. Trickster is more useful than royal guard on vergil because it make it easier to dodge the gravity strike vergil has and the sword that revolve around him.

  • Sayu-Me

    dante ist der beste

  • suke

    dante is good….really but vergil is the best.

  • dalton

    cant wait for dmc4 ive preorderd n everything i hope u cud lik fuse 2 fighting styles uk? lik master 1 and u get to master another one if u cud it wud deff b trickster and royal guard, totally kickass

  • justin

    i disagree i dont think that sparda should be the main character, it wouldn’t work, spardas dead, hes not stuck in the demon world hes just dead, maybe an unlockable character but not the main character.

  • justin

    i disagree i dont think that sparda should be the main character, it wouldn’t work, spardas dead, hes not stuck in the demon world hes just dead, maybe an unlockable character but not the main character.


  • I recently bought DMC 4 and it really lived up to the expectations – a pity about it not being 1080 (True HD) as my ยฃ1k TV looks pretty useless now ๐Ÿ™‚