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SmackDown! vs Raw 2008 Fighting Styles |

The PS3 will get it’s first WWE game later this year in the form of WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2008. The 2007 version was initially announced for the PS3 but was dropped for various reasons, which annoyed me quite a bit. Although I haven’t watched the WWE for a few years, I’m still very much interested in the games as they make great local multiplayer entertainment!

There’s a cool video below of how the fighting styles will vary depending on the size of the wrestler you choose:

Looks great and Kane has never looked so…freakish! I hope The Rock, Mick Foley and Stone Cold are included in the game as playable wrestlers, as they are 3 of my favourite wrestlers of all time.

WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2008 Fighting Styles Demonstration

It also looks as if ECW is going to be invading the game, as it will share equal billing with Raw and SmackDown when it comes to Arenas, wrestlers and storylines etc. I guess SmackDown! vs Raw vs ECW 2008 was too long for? 😉

WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2008 IGN Preview

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