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Today’s PSN Update – 05apr07 |

What’s new on the PlayStation Network? Here you go:

Game Demos
GTHD (v.1.2)- addition of force feedback and worldwide ranks
Armored Core 4

Game Trailers
Grand Theft Auto 4

Movie Trailers
Are We Done Yet?
Perfect Stranger

The PS3 Network – PSN Thursday Update (4/5)

  • Tomas

    :D. I love updates on PSN 😀

  • freedesign420

    da˜m henning: you’ on that shiz! nice¡

  • Darrin

    Very nice! Can’t wait to try GT:HD with force feedback on my logitech wheel.

    Next week should be Calling All Cars! Although I suspect it will be delayed another week or two.

  • I hope Calling All Cars is a worldwide release. It may be the first game I actually buy from the PSN…

  • MetalProxy

    Thanks for the post. I want Calling All Cars also. Isnt the game multiplayer online?

  • Pc

    Great, now i know which day of the week to start looking for new content 🙂

  • freedesign420

    …last week it was friday. (am i correct?)

  • Sporty

    No it was Thursday but late afternoon.

  • BigChiefToiletPaper

    this is rediculous, another dud week out of the playstation store. i am without a doubt a sony fanboy, though i enjoy playing all games and systems, but the playstation store has been worthless lately since tekken. everything keeps getting delayed, where is mortal kombat 2? and not just the store, all the game delays in general. dont get me wrong i love my ps3 but am seriously considering buying a 360 to hold me over until later this year. i am so far disappointed with alot of the games and the lack of playstation store content. i know someone will say i havent played enough of the game, but i have played them all and own 12(had 13 but hated marvel ultimate alliance) and have downloaded/purchased everything from the playstation store and though most of the games look great they feel half-assed and a waste of $65. maybe i expected too much, i know it is early and the 360 susked early on, ALOT!, but with extra year wait iwanted more for my $600 than to have to wait longer for anything worthwhile.

  • CAC was already rated by the ESRB… They cannot change anything anymore unless they want to be rated again!!

    Cant dl anything ATM (my PS3 is not in my room atm, painting and stuff^^)

  • Sporty

    Can’t say you are just a casual fan BigChief 🙂

    I only own 3 PS3 games, and only dl’ed free demos.

    But yea, new content would be nice. Or at least all these delayed games going gold would help.

  • François

    I hope GTHD fixes the glitches with ranking. I do better then the top 10 with certain car my name is never posted there. I own 2 Logitech Force feedback wheel, the first model logitech release for gt3. It works fine with GT-HD, but it is incompatible with Formula 1. I am thinking getting the PRO version:

    Do you think all future racing game will be compatible with this PRO version?

  • Sporty

    Not sure. I have a crappy mad catz wheel from my PS2 days. . I think I’m going to hold off till GT5 is closer and see if Logitech has a new wheel in time for it.

  • Pc

    So far, i have bought Blast Factor and Flow from the PS store and i like both of them. They were worth the money i spent on them. I can’t wait for CaC and MKII !!! I want some more dl games now !! LOL

  • calvhobbes

    uk is getting the tub game.

  • BigChief…. you are actually griping about the PSN because it doesnt have MORTAL KOMBAT 2? WTF.

    And besides, I’d rather have them delay the game, than put out an unfinished bare bones product.

  • freedesign420

    …or look at it like this: WORK, do your job. sure; some delays are directly related to “product finalizing,” but mostly office politics. just pick up your feet, and stop giving people (editors, fanboys) reason to think you (sony in-general) is suffering.

  • MetalProxy

    Whats with big cheif? I dont like to repeat my self and explaining to dude seems pointless. I know people with all three of the systems. Geuss what they play there PS3 more than the other two so called winners. I still play blast factor (multi player is fun) and flow, and many of my PS games. Go ahead bigcheif buy your 360 you will be back.

  • OblivionRising

    The Armored Core 4 demo was pretty cool.

  • OblivionRising

    I got the GTA IV trailer as well.

  • Armored Core 4 was pretty nice.

  • Burten

    Not much here to relly jump for..
    GTHD is proerbly cool, but I want the hole game, not just one track 🙁
    As for the Eu-update.. We got the duck-game! I’ll download it later on..

    But Sony got a long way to go with the PSN.