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MLBTK7 and Armored Core 4 Demos |

What’s going on here? I just finished downloading these two PS3 game demos, and they both stink!

First I tried Armored Core 4. There was no option to invert Y! So the game became mostly unplayable because I couldn’t look up or down correctly. This is unacceptable. Every game where an invert Y option makes sense should have it. I know more people that use it than don’t, so its lack is unforgivable. Outside of that, the missions were pretty boring too. There was one desert mission where you had to destroy one transport (I think), which took all of two seconds. Wow, impressive. Not! I can’t see myself ever shelling out any money for this game.

Then I tried MLBTK7, and I think I just don’t understand the demo. That is, I don’t think it was a demo at all. It was basically a movie that you could slightly control. Because nothing I did seemed to matter. The batter swung or not according to his own wishes, and the pitcher pitched the same way. I was in control of nothing except pausing the game. It was retarded. Am I missing something here? Please tell me I just forgot to set an option somewhere or failed to “activate” the game or something, because this was a total waste of time.

Somebody please help me out here.

  • MLBs batting is “motion sensor” controlled… Still doesnt work right though (only hit twice^^ then I switched it off :D)

    And… I dont invert Y 😀 who does 😀 ?

    And yes, both demos are pretty bad. They should at least put on something, that is fun… And they should put demos on the EURO PSN!! (Theres no other demos than MS, RFOM (not even in Germany, FSK18 you know), RR7 and F1 on here).

  • Pc

    I thought that MBL2K7 was freakin horrible !!!! The only thing that looked good in the game, was the actual players. Everything else was just nasty lookin, especially the beginning videos !! I thought i was playing a N64 game or something lol 🙂

  • chrysostom

    I agree with henning. Both demos are pretty lame. I thought really high of Armored Core 4 but after the demo, I don’t think I will even rent it. Speaking of demo… for those who happen to have a Japanese PS Store account should download the HotShot Golf demo. This is one amazing game.

  • derrickgott007

    On the MLB2K7 demo, you forgot to pick a side….When it shows the two teams on the sign, you will notice that there are two controllers in the middle….You need to move one to the side you want to play as…just like team selection on the madden games. If not you will watch the computer play the computer….. I can’t beleive no one noticed that’s what you did.

  • Darrin

    I think Armored Core is a real niche game. Most gamers, including myself, won’t like it, but that series has a devoted audience that loves it.

  • Scott

    I had some trouble with MLB2K7 as well. Once I figured out how to pick a side AND I read the readily available help I quite enjoyed it. I agree with other posts that the graphics were not up to PS3 standards, but using the Sixaxis for hitting was pretty fun. I did notice one issue, I was thrusting my controller stright out (forward) in the direction of my TV. Since the PS3 controller doesn’t have a strap like the Wii controller, I imagine at least a few people will try and put them through their TVs once the full game comes out!

  • freedesign420

    i hated both of these demos. come on sony: quality not quanity!

  • MetalProxy

    I had to force myself to play the AC4 demo. And for some reason i thought i might enjoy the game. Is it me or are the graphics very half-ass. The mechs look neat but the back grounds are almost Dreamcastish. Oh well I should have seen it coming being multiplatform and all.

  • west_coast_ps3

    The Armored Core 4 demo is almost exactly the same as the full game. If you did not like it you won’t like the full version.

    Armored Core 4 was a fun rental but I probably won’t buy it until it goes down to less than 30$.