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Rumor: Loco Roco coming to the PS3 |

The image below is rumored to be a screen shot from one of Sony’s extranet trade sites that Sony’s European PR’s use.

If the list is correct, then we’ll be seeing the game this summer. Loco Roco’s unique gameplay will work perfectly with the SIXAXIS controller.

I’ve played the PSP demo’s and they are very fun and addicting. I’ll probably pick this up for the PS3 if the rumor is true.

Loco Roco PS3 now dated?

  • freedesign420

    this could be great!

  • Sporty

    Is the rumor the June 23rd date? I remember GDC they said Loco Roco was in development for both PSP and PS3 editions this year.

    Which would make it coming to PS3 not a rumor just a date confirmation.

  • Sounds like pretty sweet news.

  • MetalProxy

    I though there was going to be a second game for the psp. It will be fun still on a big screen. They should have this PS3 version as an inexpensive download(maybe the first one as well). Iam not saying they are I just think it would be a good idea. I also want to know if they are going to update the graphics( more layered backgrounds, bigger smiles). I just thought of something mybe that date is for the a cheaper loco roco for the psp.(halfprice)

  • elektrokuter

    man! Loco Roco belongs on the PS3! It would finally be a good use of the SIXAXIS as this game is just asking for it. It’d be really intuitive. PS3 needs fun games like this to have a nice change of pace from the usual war games, sci-fi, action genres. Hopefully they add more stuff to it too and clean it up a little bit and enhance the graphics. The game is also begging for a free games through the PS3 Network.