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Saboteur: A Different Kind of WWII Game |

Here’s an interesting one. Let’s make a game based on World War II ! That should be fertile ground for new ideas, right? Right! (In this case.)

In the game Saboteur, your character kills Nazis, alright. But he’s not a soldier. He’s just your normal run-of-the-mill Irish dude out for revenge against those who murdered his friends. Sound like an interesting premise. You’ll spend the game in Paris sneaking around and taking revenge on those evil Nazis, and you’ll be able to help the war effort at the same time.

This isn’t normally my style of game, so maybe I’ll give it a rental because it still sounds interesting…

Saboteur Preview

(thanks freedesign)

  • MetalProxy

    I think Iam the only person that feels bad about the germans. When do they get there own game. Why cant I be one of the germans trying to defend against the americans(non online). Gangsters and thugs get there own games. Iam sure I wont make people happy with this idea.

  • I’m sick of games based on WWII to be honest. They’ve been done to death and I’m incredibly tired of game after game based on WWII.

  • freedesign420

    you know metal: thats’ a great idea. no taboo left unturned, well maybe some!

  • Burten

    I agree (again?) with Gary.
    One of the cool things about RFOM is that there is no nazis there..

    Its like they are saying “.. Just another WWII-FPS..”

    Where’s “Splinter Sun”, Indian sneaking game…
    Or “Vikings of the North Sea”, Pirates with snow..

    Hmmm.. Guess should go into game development 😀