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Sony PS3 XMB Access Petition |

I don’t know if this’ll do any good.

The last PS3 petition I signed was to get splitscreen support into MotorStorm, and that petition sign-up sheet somehow disappeared. So much for the power of the people!

This latest petition is to get XMB access during a PS3 game, and I have to voice my opinion that this petition isn’t needed. Why? Because I’m quite certain that Sony is already working on this. Sony isn’t stupid, and they know that users want this. The fact that they showed it off before the PS3 was ever launched is clear indication.

So if you want to sign your name to this petition, go ahead. Frankly, I don’t think it matters.


  • Pc

    I signed the petition as soon as you updated the post on this website and thought i would be the first on there, but no 🙁 I was # 1661 or something like that, but the point it, i signed it 🙂

  • Well, this isn’t MY petition. Sorry I didn’t make that clear.

  • freedesign420

    apathy doesn’t win the race henning 😉

  • MetalProxy

    This seems like something that is going to happen even if we didnt want it to.

  • I signed it. So … have these on-line petitions ever resulted in anything?

  • Sporty

    Well I think they got a CE of some 360 game recently.

    But for the most part I don’t think they make a difference.

    I really dont see the need until they get custom background music and IMs going. On Wii and 360 dashboard access is limited also without backing out of the game.

  • HutsonDaly

    You’re right, Sony isn’t stupid, they’re just not smart enough 🙂

  • This is obviously something being worked on. Of course there are things to be ironed out, like how exactly does this effect the game in progress, is it paused? If playing online, are you unable to access the xmb due to an inability to pause the game, or are you kicked out of online play when the xmb is accessed. Personally, everytime ive wanted to access the xmb, i was done with a game. Or maybe thats just because i know i cant do it from within a game.