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Super Stardust HD for PS3 |

Why have I never heard of this upcoming PSN game for the PS3 before? It looks like an arcadey type game like Blast Factor, but maybe with a bit more depth.


1up says this about the game:

An HD remake of Bloodhouse’s classic Amiga arcade shooter — basically an Asteroids clone with ‘modern’ enhancements such a shields, power-ups, trippy colors, and a beat-heavy soundtrack. Available for download on the PS3.

Has anybody played the Amiga version of the game? I always wanted an Amiga (the Amiga was designed by the same dudes who designed the Atari 800 (yes, I got that right), believe it or not).

Super Stardust HD Screenshots

  • hi fellas…

    I’m from Mexico. I’m reading you since last year or something like. Well, I’m about to buy a PS3, but here, in Mexico, the console has not arrived officially yet, so there’s no online network. If I buy it now, it would be the US version, so I was wondering if there’d be a problem when the online network is available in Mexico, I mean, if I buy the US version, I will be able to play online games when it’s available for mexico? may I buy it now? should I wait for the official release of PS3 in Mexico?

    Sorry, my english it’s not good, but I hope you to understand me and help me…


  • Jesús, that’s a question that’s better for the shoutbox or the forums, not this post. But I don’t know the answer anyway. Maybe Gary can help, because he knows some UK people with US PS3’s.

  • MetalProxy

    This game is right down my alley. I seen images on various web sites but had know idea it was for the PS3. Woohoo. There are all these games coming out that i have to wait to play. Its almost emotional…lol

  • Pc

    Well Jesus, i do know that with the U.S. version (atleast so far) we are only able to play online with people from the U.S. or Canada. So if you bought a U.S. ver. PS3, i’m not sure if you would even be able to play online at all because your in a different country that doesn’t have it’s own dedicated servers yet. That’s what i think about it, but wait to hear from some more people before you completely believe me on this one.
    BTW…..That Stardust game looks like it could be pretty fun. I just hope there is some kind of online co-op type play involved.

  • Biphter

    I loved Stardust on the A500 and the Sequel Super Stardust on the A1200. Classic games. I still play Super Stardust on Win UAE even now. Its not lost any of its wow factor, fluid prerenderd Raytraced graphics and pumping Acid Techno sound track. Super rock hard gameplay from back when games were pretty tough. I am really looking forward to this game. I hope they get the super mad fast Tunnel sequences in there too for the bonus rounds. Maybe this time it will be REAL TIME raytracing on those rocks?!

  • Biphter

    BTW Henning if its like the Amiga games its basically Asteroids on Steroids, simple yet mad fun.

  • The thing that rocked on the Amiga where the AMAZING 3D tunnel parts of the game! It was truely awsome back in the very early 90’s. I have’t seen screen shots of the PS3 equivilant part of the game yet, but that was what really made me keep coming back to the game. Very excited to see this on PS3.