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Burnout 5, main focus on PS3 version |

The Criterion team said that the PS3 version will have 1080p, and the SIXAXIS controller will provide more control options that the 360 doesn’t have. Imagine steering your crashed car with your SIXAXIS. Just thinking out loud.

Also the PS3’s advanced processing capabilities are perfect for the many physics intensive crashes in Burnout 5. Both versions will feature camera support during game play.

Criterion’s director of design, Alex Ward assured Gamepro that Burnout 5 (a working title only) will still be the racing game so many have come to love. “Burnout has always been about driving like a madman through traffic, and that hasn’t changed at all.” But, he said, “if we just made Burnout Revenge again on the PS3 and Xbox 360, no one would be satisfied with that-least of all us. [Burnout 5] is still based on the premise of driving like a maniac and crashing your car. But it’s got some significant differences.”

That difference would be one seamless racing world instead of separate courses. It turns out this one city is the size of 15 regular Burnout courses.

First Burnout 5 screenshots crash Xbox 360, focus on PS3 version

  • Because tilty controls work on racing games really well.

  • I’ve never liked the tilt feature to actually steer your car. But during aftertouch it might work well …..

  • Piratelad

    because the xbox360 can generate physichs so well 😛

  • Im glad the PS3 is being used as the base platform.

    Rich, in some racing games tilty controls DO work. Its all a matter of game design , and whether the gameplay lends itself to more fluid motion sensing controls. For instance something like WaveRace might work well with motion sensing, but some might not. Its about tweaking controls, making it work for the game your making. After all, there are games that have sucky TRADITIONAL controlls too, but we dont blame the buttons for its sucking.

  • Yeah i read this on another forum good read the Physics for this game are gonna be insane.

  • 360fanboy

    ZOMG…u peeps are funny as hell!

    Burnout 5, main focus on PS3 version

    and the “focus” on ps3 is that this game will support sixaxis…

    ROFL…darn…ima go buy a ps3 right now cuz of this…lol

  • xg8

    The point they are making is that, developing for ps3 is better, because its easier to port to 360 instead of the other way around, because of the unified shaders.

    why do u think splinter cell looks better on xbox360, because its a port.

    You need to build from ground up, for ps3. But once you do your sweet!!!

  • X360SUCKS

    xg8 is right, just like Factor 5 advised all dev’s to make the PS3 version first, then port to 360. I really hope they really work on the SIXAXIS controll in this game, it will give the game a whole new aspect…

    [Burnout 5] is still based on the premise of driving like a maniac and crashing your car. But it’s got some significant differences.”

    Wonder what significant difference is hinting at for Burnout 5

  • Dave

    As far as i remember, i have read somewhere that the tilt’ing thing will have something to do with the crashes… Not when you drive.. i think they know what they’re doing mates 🙂

    besides, its nice to see that they’re still have main focus on the ps3.. this is exactly why i like the ps3… because of their loyal and great game developers with their inuvative games 🙂

  • Jaycen

    I didnt see anything from Criterion that justified the title? Talk about a fanboy slant. Tilt isnt huge but will be a nice option while physics is something that ps3 shld excel at while the 360’s superior gpu might add something different altogether.
    Factor 5’s comment is stupid. U wldnt use PS3 as a base as no one else will. Not even Criterion. Most will design for PC then downgrade & optimise for PS3 and X360.
    Now that Cell has been outclassed by the 8 Core Intel Macs what’s gonna happen? PS4 & xbox Next in 2 years?