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UK PS3 Mag To Come With BD Playable Demos |

It’s been rumoured before but now it’s official, the Official UK PS3 Magazine will come with a Blu-ray disc containing playable demos and other content, starting with Issue 7 which is available at the beginning of June. Here’s Sony UK’s managing director, Ray Maguire’s view:

“We are very excited to partner with Future to offer a playable Blu-ray disc to UK PlayStation 3 owners. The high capacity of Blu-ray media is the perfect method to distribute large volumes of unique, existing, and user-generated content in HD, showcasing PS3’s multimedia capabilities to the full.”

Unless the demos and content are exclusive to the magazine I can’t really see the appeal in having playable demos on the disc. It was a good reason to buy the Official PS2 Magazine before, as you couldn’t get the demos from anywhere else but now you can download them from the PSN. The appeal to spend cash on content that is readily available on the Web and playable demos that you can download for free directly to your PS3, isn’t quite there anymore.

UK PS3 Mag comes with BD containing playable demos

  • Jax Myth

    I guess it would be worth it if it had some of those demos that are not yet available in the UK. User-generated videos might be cool but there probably wouldn’t be anything that you hadn’t already seen on the internet. I guess it might only really be useful to people that don’t have their PS3 connected to the internet or to get cool Littlebigplanet maps, which would probably already be available on the internet. I don’t know what I’m talking about really. What is Littlebigplanet?

  • This is LittleBigPlanet.

    I think Magazines are starting to lose their appeal with much of their info is now freely available online.

  • Jax Myth

    Yeah, I haven’t really bought any magazines since I found out about these online blog things that give you the latest information straight away instead of only getting updates once a month which include information from a few weeks before the issue is even released.

  • Sporty

    I used to be a magazine nut. But with the internet, you get news as it happens, magazines lose their appeal.

    I think this is just a last ditch effort in making print news more attractive. With PSN having demos I dont think this will be a seller to anyone unless they can’t get broadband still.

  • Real Gambler

    Downloadable demo so far have been relatively small. I’m not sure people would like to download a 5gig demo, particularly if they have a montly download limit from their internet provider… I almost never buy magazines, because like most people, I think internet is a more up to date source of information, but if I can get 2 or 3 huge demo on a bluray for relatively cheap, rather than downloading smaller crippled ones, maybe (and I said maybe) I would go for it.