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New Keyboard & Mouse for my PS3 |

A little while ago Dell’s Bluetooth keyboard and mouse bundle went on sale on their online store. (Canadian link.) Normally it sold for $89, but with the sale it was reduced to $69, with no shipping charges. It was still on the expensive side, especially considering that I wouldn’t be using them all that much. But my coworker Ray convinced me to go for it. (I would be the guinea pig, because he has a PS3 too.)


Yesterday at work my 3-year-old daughter called to inform me that my package had arrived! Hurrah! I love getting packages in the mail.

Pairing my mouse worked just fine. Pairing the keyboard took two attempts, and you have to type in a 7 or 8 digit string to confirm the pairing. That was strange. After the keyboard and mouse were paired everything worked great. I didn’t have any trouble when I turned off and on the keyboard and mouse – my PS3 continued to find them just fine.

To enter text, you still have to bring up that little text-entry dialog thingy. But at that point you can just start typing on your keyboard and everything works. Browsing the online store is a lot easier with the mouse! None of the keyboard’s special keys seemed to do anything.

All in all, I’m quite happy with keyboard and mouse, though I wish the keyboard’s keys weren’t quite so mushy. The keyboard and mouse comes with a Bluetooth/USB dongle (which I didn’t need, of course) and batteries (two AA’s for both the keyboard and mouse). Note that the keyboard is full size. It doesn’t have a lot of excess space around the keys, as you can see from the picture. But they keyboard is still big.




    And what do you mean about the volume knob? Did it break?

  • sorry sir …. i had cap locks on …. my 2 year old pulled the volume button right off that keyboard like nothing ….

  • Oooh! I’m a “sir” now! Cool…. 🙂

    Yeah, this morning before work my 6 year old asked if she could look at the keyboard, and I told her no because then my 1.5 year old boy would want to too. Which would only end in disaster!

  • kids…. on top of which she also got ahold of the bigger volume button that is on the sub woofer upgrade package i took … again superglue works great

  • Check out the Logitech diNovo Edge. This is what I call a PS3 keyboard. Even the design fits perfectly to the PS3. Sure a little more expensive, but worth every dime.

  • Real Gambler

    There’s nothing strange about how you pair a bluetooth keyboard to a PS3 or any other device for that matter. You have to enter those numbers because built into the bluetooth protocol, there’s encryption so nobody can “grab” what you’re typing if they are sitting close enough. Think about it. Bluetooth has quite a decent range, and goes through walls quite easily. Would you want your neighbour PC (equipt with bluetooth) showing your bank codes and passwords on his PC, PS3 or any other devices? You will have to do that for many other bluetooth devices. Sure enough, no need for codes for something as simple as a mouse.

  • Real Gambler

    And since we are suggesting brands (Both Dell and Logitech are great brand by the way), I’ve decided to go on the cheap side myself. Bought a RocketFish on Ebay for really cheap. But if you don’t want to bother with Ebay, I think it’s was about $69 CDN at Best B when I bought mine. Went on sale once for cheaper about a month ago. I’m using it only when I’m surfing on my PS3, so I have to admit that it’s not being used that much. (typing a few words in google, or enter the name of my race setup in Motorstorm online. But always work flawlessly since I got it and have not replaced the batteries yet. Comes with mouse and keyboard. Great range.

    Not affiliated with Rocketfish at all…. Heard about them for the first time, when I went searching for a cheap keyboard for my PS3.

    I think if you are reading this and using another brand, you should say so. May help other to pick one for themselves. On the other side, so far it seems like the PS3 can take anything you throw at it, with a smile…

  • Well I got my Dell bundle for the same price as that “cheap” Rocketfish bundle – $69.

  • I not to sure if I got good deal or not … but the girl who sold it to me …. whoa

  • Then I guess you got a good deal …

  • yes sir !

  • and it is a pertty nice set up with the 19 in ultra share and duo core

  • sharp ^

  • Michael

    Henning, tell me more about this 7 to 8 digit code that you used to get the keyboard and mouse to connect. I have a splitfish keyboard and mouse and while the mouse connected to the ps3 fine, I can’t figure out how to get the keyboard to connect. I also paid $69 bucks for mine, so if I can’t get them to connect then I’ve basically wasted $34.50.

  • I didn’t need to enter the code for the mouse – just the keyboard.

    I paired the keyboard to the PS3 just like I did the mouse, but at the end of the process I was asked to type in 7 or 8 numbers on the keyboard, then hit ENTER. I did that, and it worked fine.

  • I got this same combo from for $44 shipped. Happy so far, haven’t used it for much besides web browsing though.

  • Real Gambler

    Hey, I was too lazy to check the price when I wrote my message. The Rocketfish bluetooth keyboard mouse combo is in fact $59.99 CDN regular price, not $69.99. Like I said, I didn’t bought mine there, but from Ebay for a LOT cheaper than that. I do like your Dell because it match the PS3 color wise, much better than the Rocket.
    The Rocket has been on sale once in the last month, and knowing Best Buy, will likely come back on sale on a regular basis. Still, what I really wanted to push was the fact that Rocketfish keyboard are more likely to show up on Ebay than Dell (but again, I may be wrong). In my case, it was really an offer I could not refuse : )

    Michael: If you did manage to pair the mouse, then you have to be able to pair the keyboard. Not sure about the Dell, but basically, you just tell the PS3 you want to add a bluetooth keyboard, then press a button (usually under the keyboard) so it can start sending bluetooth acknowledge signals. Once the PS3 recognize that a keyboard is trying to sync, it will show up those numbers. You then just have to type them on the keyboard. It may be safer to use the numbers on top of the letters, instead of the numerical keypad (since NumLock may not be enable yet for some reason on your keyboard) Good luck

  • Michael

    Thanks, real gambler. No, I still haven’t figured out how to get the keyboard to respond. I wrote that it was a spitfish keyboard and mouse combo, but it’s actually rocketfish and it’s orange on the bottom. I am still trying to pair it, so I haven’t given up. But I might just go out and get the edgefx for the ps3 since it’s suppose to work with all ps3 games, while I probably won’t be able to use the rocketfish combo with every game. Thanks. If you wanna chat back and forth, my e-mail is [email protected]. Take care.

  • I don’t know why a keyboard would work for one game but not another. The games must go through the PS3’s system software to interface with the Bluetooth keyboard. So if it works for one game, it should work for all games.

  • Michael

    Well Henning, have you been able to play resistance with your keyboard and mouse? I didn’t see an option for that. What I meanis that the company that designed edgefx have said in several interviews that it will work with any game, and with a regular keyboard/mouse, I’m not sure.

  • Real Gambler

    Michael, I would return the keyboard if I were you. Sound like the same one I have. (Though it’s more red than orange at the bottom. (That’s why I like the Dell, it’s all black, much better PS3 color match : ) ). Mine as been working flawlessly.
    I also agree with Henning: A keyboard is a keyboard. As long as you can sync it to your PS3, any games should be able to use it. The only thing you may not be able to use on the keyboard are those special buttons like Email, Multimedia (play, rewind, etc), scroll and so on. For those button to work, you normally have to install some driver and software on your pc. Same driver/software would not work on PS3.
    We should see more and more games using the keyboard in the future, so I think it’s worth it. I think shooters would benefit from that. (I think Unreal Tournament is designed for that. Would love any shooter that use keyboard mouse combo….).