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Rainbow Six: WTF? |

There were two launch games on my original PS3 must-buy list: Insomniac’s Resistance and Rainbow Six Vegas. Then Rainbow Six got pushed back to December. Then January. OK, I’m a software developer. I know how bleeding edge hardware is and I can understand an honest delay. Then the game got pushed back to Febuary. Then March. Then April.

Rainbow Six: Vegas

Not a peep from Ubisoft on this at all. On their site, there’s all kinds of mention of the 360 version and 360 leader boards, and news regarding 360 updates, but no mention of the PS3 at all. I understand, that software is hard, and delays happen, but couldn’t we at least get an update? IGN addressed this in their mailbag, where I’m not the only one wondering about this title. IGN’s response:

First the good news: Rainbow Six Vegas is still coming to the PlayStation 3 (despite popular rumors to the contrary) and April looks like it’s the absolute “for sure” date. Up ’til now, there hasn’t been an official reason that the game has been delayed for so long (and there still isn’t), but my guess is [snip]

OK, fine. It was delayed all the way until April, but at least that’s the “for sure” date and no more mysterious and neverending string of delays without a peep as to what is going on. April is a pretty dry release month anyway, so that works out. Now, IGN lists a new release date of May 22. And I hardly have much confidence in that date either.

Rainbow Six: Vegas

It’s disappointing that Rainbow Six didn’t come to the PS3, and if it eventually does, most PS3 owners will probably not care by that point. On the bright side, the PS3 will get plenty of other great content by next month including: F.E.A.R, the Ninja Gaiden Sigma playable demo, and Spiderman 3 (with the PS3 exclusive playable character, the “New Goblin”).

I wonder if the PS3 version of Ubisoft’s other big Tom Clancy shooter, “GRAW 2” will suffer repeated mysterious delays like this as well? Regardless, I’m planning to give my PC a major upgrade this summer, so I will be able to play these titles if I still want to.

  • I’d like to know exactly what Ubisoft has been doing with Rainbow Six Vegas. I was interested in it until I heard that the main single player story is short, just like GRAW 2. I’m sorry, but I’m sick of devs putting more effort into the online side of games at the expense of the single player experience.

  • Already played it on my PC… I (again^^) preferred the first Rainbow (with real tactics and so on).

    The recent interview with Julian Eggebrecht (Faktor 5, Lair) states “porting from the 360 is very hard, but vice versa is rather easy” (quoting from my head, he also says bringing in “vintage” code is bad and much other stuff).

    Breaking 3 core code to Cell code will be a real bitch. I think, they have real problems doing it atm (just also look at the really bad PC performance, my rig had some troubles keeping a steady framerate, and I have a dual core, 2gb and 8800 gts rig!).

  • And, full ACK Gary… I also was interested in GRAW2 (played the first on my PC), but having heard, the SP is very short, I ditched that idea. I am not much of an online player (only RPGs like NWN) and even less of an FPS player…

  • Yeah, FPS and racers are way down on my favoruite genres list. I’m sure I read somewhere that the single player mode lasted around 4hrs. 😐

  • Mike

    This is pretty much what Ubisoft did last gen outside of console-centric multiplatform games like Beyond Good & Evil (which was also on the PC anyway). They like to develop around PC’s and the console most similar which was Xbox and now Xbox 360

    Doesn’t surprise me, developers have preferneces as far as what hardware design they want to work with first and then port to the other system designs. But you’re right, I don’t think a lot of people are going to care by the time this gets released. But I’d say the same for F.E.A.R. which you seem excited for.

    Ocourse FEAR multiplayer is free on the PC and I don’t care about the single player game, so that is sort of a unique situation.

  • Burten

    My consern is that many games nowadays just use the singleplayer mode as a toutial for the online bit. Its kind of a drag, cause some days I just want to play through a story, not hop online for a total anarchy..
    Its kinda the same with the splitscreen issue. -Whats wrong with having some friends over for a game and some beers??
    I was planning to pick up either GRAW2 or Rainbow Six Vegas, guess I’ve got longer time to deside now.. Even Splinter Cell sounds like a blast, until I heard that it just another rushed shitty port from the 360.

    But only four hours in Raindow Six?? Djeez, I can skip all three of them, and just wait for MGS4.

  • Sporty

    I for one, don’t buy the PS3 is so much harder argument from these guys. I can see a few weeks at most but we’re talking about C++. SPEs might require some ASM for performance tinkering but it’s still MIPS for gods sake. It’s using Unreal Engine 3 which is part of Sony’s SDK.

    So if Ubisoft says PS3 is that much harder. They are really admitting EA, Sega, Activision and Tecmo among others are just more talented and more competent then they are.

    Personally I think they will release a half ass port once they do get it out. After Splinter Cell, I don’t look for at Ubisoft as high as I did.

    My only hope for Assassins Creed is it didn’t start out as a 360 only so it hopefully wont suffer.

  • Sporty

    BTW I didn’t mean it to come off as Ubisoft is imcompetent.
    I just seems they are having smaller B team developers handle the PS3 effort and not giving them the same QA and care the gamers deserve.

  • Ubisoft have been really crappy lately with PS3. Let’s just hope Assassins Creed and PoP don’t suffer the same.

  • Derrick

    I dont know if any of you subscribe to GameInformer, but if you do you need to give it a good read(march or april issue). In that issue there was a little LITTLE article in top left named something i cant remember. Anyways, it described how some games are FINISHED!! for ps3, but developers are waiting for the install base to get bigger. I was like ok that is understandable. Guess what pic was beside the article…………You guessed RAINBOW SIX:VEGAS!!!!!!!!!! That should sum it up.

  • Ubisoft does not only make shitty PS3 ports, but their PC ports also suck. As I said before, I have a pretty high end rig, yet R6 does not run much above 25fps (same goes for my old rig and GRAW1).

    And Burten, I completely agree with you there. Thats why I often prefer single player only games. Thats also why I have high hopes for Lair and HS, as they are SP only.

    And Derrick. That is not too far off. I also read a similar report about this. The same happened for Zelda TP. It was delayed for 18 months on the Wii, so that it has is nice exclusive.

    I just hope, new games (and btw. new demos… the german store got again only payed content this week… third week in a row!) start to come in soon… I am getting bored by MS a bit (the level 4 tickets are just frustrating).

  • Sporty

    I just read that Julian Eggebrecht article Segitz. Pretty interesting stuff. And it might work to PS3’s advantage really. here’s the meat of it.

    “You’ll have a hard time if you port without having a PS3 game in mind when you created the 360 version. That is where a lot of complaints are coming from. They created the 360 engine with a unified memory architecture in mind, with the embedded frame buffer with its advantages and disadvantages, and not thinking too much in early stages about multi-core. If you try to get that over to the PS3, you’re in for a bad surprise. The PS3 is all about streamlining about the two different memory pools. They are separate. You don’t have to do tiling because you don’t have an embedded frame buffer. All of these advantages of the PS3 turn into disadvantages if you don’t start making your game on the PS3. Hence the griping. If you create first on the PS3, it is pretty easy to port it to the 360. A lot of companies coming on board now will probably start on the PS3 and move to the 360. The lucky thing for us is we didn’t have to think about the 360 at all.”

    Also talks about how Lair and Ratchet Will use extensive streaming to get a level a detail that was impossible before. Should make for interesting 2nd gen games.

    Now if only the rest of the first gen games stop getting delayed

  • PS3 is really on the slide, I mean it’s taking a pounding in the u.s market. They need to get it together and drop the price on the PS3, and start getting some worthwhile games, or they’ll struggle the way nintendo struggle with the gamecube. You can’t get by with just flashy graphics and no substance. It worries me how badly sony has been handling things lately, they are losing touch with their audience.

  • Pc

    What do you mean Shaun ??!! The PS3 is soon to have some freakin badass games !!! Plus, you can’t forget about “Home” that will appear soon also. The PS3 is doing great and is actually doing better than the PS2 did early on in it’s life. The PS3 cost either $499 or $599 then you also need a game and extra controller. That’s alot of money and for the system to be selling better EARLY ON than the #1 system of all time did (PS2), that’s means GREAT things !!! Just wait and there will be soo much great content and innovation with the PS3 that everybody will have one, even the people who don’t have enough money, or even fanboys of other systems too !!!!

  • liar

    “You can’t get by with just flashy graphics and no substance.”

    I think you meant the 360 :). Gears comes to mind.

    There are some fabulous “worthwhile” games already..

    Titles like F1, Motorstorm, especially RFOM, Oblivion have significant substance. NHL 2K7 is very very good if you have ever played hockey. A lot more substance than 360 games like Gears. Still trying to get thru RFOM on superhuman. Online is simply unmatched by any game on any console. Period.

    I’ll still be playing F1 years from now and still won’t plumb the depths of this game..and it looks better than anything on any console – it has incredible graphics and significant substance. And I’ve never enjoyed F1 in my life before.

    There is no slide just people saying so. It already has badass games and is ahead of it’s previous consoles – despite the Wii and 360 competition that didn’t exist last time.

    I used to be an xbox and big (original) Halo fan..Halo 2 sucked..however the PS3 turned out to be just far too impressive so MS has lost business not gained it in our house. And we plan to get another PS3 we are so happy with it’s capabilities and quality.

    This fall and xmas is important – not the summer months when people are vacationing. Relax.

  • ben

    ubisoft need to step their game up.

  • MetalProxy

    This is why Iam so negative about Assasin’s Creed. These people need to stop playing games with our games. All these strategic timed game releases dates are pathetic. If I didnt know any better a would say they are doing the delays on perpose, so the 360 could have an advantage. Time will tell…

  • hollywooda

    Both GRAW2 & RB6 have a huge online side to them, games developers dont see the PS3 as an online console, so they dont put as much importance on developing these type of games for the PS3. MS got in there early with LIVE & its paying off now, realising that online gaming is a massive part of the next gen was a very wise move on there part. I’m sure Assasin creed will be delived on time for PS3 as it’s a single player game.

  • Mothra

    Splinter Cell: Double Agent was released to the PS3 and roundly condemned as a terrible port. i see two possible explanations for the delay of Rainbow Six Vegas and GRAW2:

    1. Ubisoft know these are bad ports, so are delaying both games until the months with the fewest PS3 releases. That way, demand will be so high (especially for people waiting since December ’06), people will rush out and buy it before reading any reviews.

    2. Ubisoft realise that bad word spreads quickly and deep cynicism about their forthcoming ports spreads even quicker. They’re therefore holding onto this game until it’s at least as good as the Xbox 360 version, if not slightly better.

    Which do you think is more likely? I’m betting on scenario 1.