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IGN’s Team Fortress 2 Preview |

Team Fortress looks like it’s going to be quite a fun game. I’m a fan of shooters, unlike some people here (* cough * Gary * cough *), so I’m setting my keen eyes on all the upcoming shooters, including this one.

One interesting thing about the game is the ability for the medic to “spray” health onto teammates:

On any map, the ideal assault seems to be a Medic paired with a Heavy. Medics carry a health hose that blasts regenerative energy forward at any teammate. As long as you keep the fire button depressed, the beam will stick on whoever’s targeted, and even bend around corners. Using the hose, Medics can boost teammates’ health up to 150 percent which, as long as you’re restoring health, builds a gauge at the bottom right of the screen.

And an extra-cool thing is that Valve is working on extra content for download, and don’t plan on charging for any of it! And it won’t just be themes or wallpapers either. It’ll be real playable content. Valve representatives said “We have no plans to do booster packs for ten dollars,” and “We’ve never charged for any extra content…We want people to be glad to be a customer of Valve.”

Whoa! A company that cares about the customer!

The only fly in the ointment is that EA is handling the PS3 version. I just hope they give us everything that those 360 dudes get.

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  • Mike

    Yeah Valve is insanely slow about getting products out (does it really qualify as episodic when GTA installments come out more frequently?) but they are GREAT about content support. So much has been added to Counter-Strike Source over the past two and a half years from skins to maps, to changing the in-game economy of weapons purchasing, and even stuff like seeing someone else’s holstered weapon (which people seem to be going on and on about in Halo 3… big deal).

    This is their biggest multiplayer product since CSS (DoD source was a year late, a dollar short) so I expect the support for this to be great. Plus the fact that they don’t need to go through some approval system like Xbox Live may actually give the PS3 an upper hand in terms of getting newer content first. Ofcourse all this stuff will be made for the PC first so maybe that means 360 gets it first. Either way, they’re really good about supporting their products with free content. Epic has been as well although they’ve been MS has been giving them a headache about giving stuff away for free. I’m not sure things are going in the right direction if companies that usually like to make their fans happy are being pressured NOT to.

  • hl2….. whoa

  • derrickgott007

    EA will find a way to ruin it…..Trust me…EA is the Rev. AL Sharpton of the Video Game World.

  • Way to get politics into gaming^^

    I couldnt care less though, I will (if at all) play those games on my pc for less money and with kb/mouse controls