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PLAYSTATION 3 FW 1.70 Out Now! |

Details are still coming in as to what is new, but here are a couple things:

  • Enabled PS1 downloaded games to play on the PS3
  • Enabled PS1 game saves to be used on the PSP
  • Enabled rumble function on accessories for PS1 and PS2
  • I’m really hoping that global remote play was added. Well I’m off to download the update and test it out.

    [Edit by Gary:]

    The EU backward compatibility list has also been updated with the latest firmware. Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition now works normally (woot!), as does Gradius V, Genji, Jak 3, Ratchet and Clank 1 & 2 (R&C 3 doesn’t work 🙁 ) and a bunch of other games, including MGS 2 Substance, work with some issues.

    PLAYSTATION3 Firmware 1.70 available now!

    • Sporty

      I like how they now tell you what’s new on the update.

      Major improvement from the old guessing game till forum users figured it out.

    • HutsonDaly

      I havent turned on my PS3 in a week now… havent really kept up with the latest news either… been playing PC games more often… why did I buy my PS3? games are horrible now, omg… even SCDA 🙁

    • Won’t be long before we have a vibrating SIXAXIS available, probably before the end of the year.

      I wonder how long it will take them to put PS1 games on the EU Store now that the firmware update allows you to play them on your PS3 rather than just on a PSP.

    • Woohoo^^

      Downloading now. Hopefully GT4 works^^

    • GT4 works with issues. 🙁

    • Yes it does^^ I am trying it now, and MGS2 after that (not substance)

    • tbh, I dont see much issues with GT4. Theres some problems with the deinterlacing, but thats about it.

    • Even photomode to USB stick works!!

    • Well issues could mean anything but as long as you’re happy. 😉

    • Metal Gear Solid 2 (non substance) does NOT work 🙁

    • Sporty

      Anyone try a PSOne download yet?

      I hope they kick up their PSOne catalog on PSN now that games can be played on PS3.

    • I would if any were available on the EU Store. I’d like Resi Evil 1 please. 🙁

    • Resident Evil 2 please, I have 1 on the PC 😛

      I would love to see FFVII to FFIX, Chrono, GT2 (because of some cars not available in GT3-4), Metal Gear Solid 1 (dont have my discs anymore 🙁 ) and some I dont remember now ^^

    • I still have FFVII so I don’t need that but FFVIII and IV would be nice.. The original Resi is still the best for me, for various reasons.

    • Jimmy Stewart

      Anyone know if this fixes the HDMI glitches that the PS3 has been having with various HDTVs? Specifically with Westinghouse… but also if any of the others have been fixed as well.

    • Jimmy Stewart

      Alright, downloaded the update. Doesn’t fix the problem with Westinghouse HDTVs.

      Ah well… there’s always the next one… the one after that… the one after that…

    • Another update with nothing I care about…

    • “Enabled rumble function on accessories for PS1 and PS2”

      I thought you would have at least cared about that. 🙁

    • PSNID=Lifendz

      So no online avatar customization, no background options, no new demos… nothing really. Thanks for nothing. I won’t even bother to download this “update.” Right now I’m playing RFOM on hard as it’s still the only game worth playing on PS3. God I can’t wait for the games to finally arrive!

    • MetalProxy

      Boring update, but a least they tell you what the update is after downloading. The next big game is Sigma in a few months.

    • Jimmy Stewart

      Playing PS1 downloads is a pretty big feature. Sure it’s nothing major… but for an announced pretty quick update this made out pretty well.

      If only they could fix those HDTV bugs.

    • cheatmaster27

      this update is useless

    • i’m psyched for ps1 downloads!