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NPD March Numbers |

System Sales (in thousands)
DS 508
PS2 280
Wii 259
360 199
PSP 180
GBA 148
PS3 130

Title Platform Sales (in thousands)
God of War II PS2 833
GRAW 2 360 394
Guitar Hero 2 360 291
Wii Play w/Remote Wii 273
Motorstorm PS3 199
Diddy Kong Racing DS 189
Spectrobes DS 165
MLB 2K7 360 165
MLB ’07 PS2 164
Def Jam Icon 360 148
  • Sporty

    Thanks for supplying software numbers.

    You don’t often see that.

  • Darrin

    Luckily for the PS3, the European launch sold 600K units during launch weekend.

  • I don’t normally pay attention to sales figures but it’s clear that Sony needs to drop the price of the PS3 in NA. Even the release of MotorStorm hasn’t boosted sales of the console by any meaningful margin.

    It’s a good job God of War 2 sold incredibly well and the PS2 is still going strong.

    The real crunch time is going to come towards the end of the year when some big name titles are released and if those don’t result in an increase of hardware sales for the PS3, Sony will have to take action.

  • ehandlr

    Sony has spun this a little. PS3 is the only console to see an increase in the month of March.

  • PSNID=Lifendz

    Leave the price. 130k bought it and there aren’t even any games out. What Sony needs to do is get some friggin games out for this 600 dollar thing.

  • Drop the price is one option.
    2. Include a game is another.
    3. Include a second joystick and a blue ray remote
    4. Bluray remote and a movie. (Sony library titile )
    5. add a 160 gig hard drive price it a 599. drop the 60 giger to the old 20 price or below.
    6. Online option only. Sell a PS3 with no hard drive and let the consumer use one of thier own.