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F.E.A.R: Avoid PS3 Version |

Some choice quotes:

“Simply put, the PS3 doesn’t hold a candle to the visuals found in the Xbox 360 version”

“the creeping load bar is going to upset folks who remember playing and loading F.E.A.R. seamlessly on the PC and the Xbox 360”

“compared to the PC and 360, this version is graphically dead in the water”

I was actually planning on buying the PS3 version of this game pending good reviews. Not any more. Really, who wants to get the substantially inferior version of the game? I’ll pass.

We have seen several poor PS3 ports, but I really think this isn’t very indicative of things to come. This game is a PC game first and a console game second. Monolith makes some amazing PC shooters and when I give my PC a major upgrade this summer that’s where I’ll be playing those titles.

The good news is that the PS3 looks like it will get the best versions of three really good games in the next two months: Spiderman 3, The Darkness, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Not inferior ports or even equal ports, but the best versions. That will be a great change and will more than make up for this.

IGN Review

  • I was also interested in F.E.A.R. as I don’t ‘do’ PC gaming and a friend of mine raved on about it when he had it on PC. I haven’t read a single review which has made me want to spend £30 -£40 on it.

    Lazy devs who can’t be bothered to do a decent job with the PS3 version won’t be getting any of my cash.

  • Michael

    I have been looking forward to fear for the ps3 since it was suppose to come out originally back at the ps3 launch. I thought for sure that fear ps3 would be at least equal to that of the 360 and pc versions. I guess it has to do with the ps3 being more difficult to program for, but if that is the case then the developers should have just made us wait longer. On one hand, all these 360 to ps3 ports that are consistantly better on the 360 would lead some gamers to believe that the ps3 is inferior. I don’t believe this. I just think that it is going to be a solid 1 1/2 before the ps3 really starts to shine. I just hate the fact that fear had to be so inferior. It’s a great pc shooter and since I don’t have the pc hardware to play it at the quality intended, I was looking forward to it on ps3. All these delays, and for what? The game is still sucky on ps3 even though the 360 and ps3 have at least equal horsepower. And there’s no turning back. I went to gamestop and traded in VT5 for store credit and then reserved fear- so i’m stuck. Oh well.

  • Sporty

    Another game I was going to get but not now….

    These developers making sloppy ports is getting annoying. I would rather just find a bit torent for the PC version just so I’m not supporting lazy devs when they do this.

    360 version isn’t an option as I’m still trying to sell my 360. The resell market on 360s has dropped to under $300 for premium with game on eBay. not sure I want to swallow nearly $200 lose on that system.

  • Michael

    Darn developers! lol! Well, ya know sporty developers do say that the ps3 is just more complicated to work with, so they should have gotten to know the ps3 better before releasing fear. I refuse to believe that the ps3 can’t support the quality of fear at least to the extent of the 360 version. All in all, it doesn’t look that much worse than the 360 version. So, i’ll still be happy. It still sucks, but I guess it has to do with how much you want to play fear and from the little that i’ve played when i installed it on my pc and ran it at low quality, it is a fun game and worth the purchase even though there are better versions to compare it to. I think that this is the best game out for ps3 atleast until July. PS3 is getting a slow start, but I think a year for now, this horrible dry spell will be a vaige memory in the distant past.

  • hollywooda

    I cant believe on a new console, but not just any console either the PS3!! there’s nothing new to buy for it!!?… this is crazy, it’s gotta be the worst dry spell in gaming history, especially when people are struggling to justify buying the PS3 at all!! I playd FEAR on the 360 & it look like an old PC game, & if it looks worse than that on the PS3 then thats insane… so much for next gen gaming…..

  • Darrin

    Michael/hollywooda: Horrible dry spell? worst dry spell in history?

    PS3 has gotten: Two AAA exclusives, cool downloadable games (GT:HD, flOw, and others), some retro content, a few high quality ports (like Fight Night and Oblivion), several well reviewed sports titles, several AAA PS2 games, and nice non-game stuff (folding, Internet, photo/music, Blu-Ray). Not too bad for a first five months. But yes, I am eagerly awaiting more.

    But back to F.E.A.R, this is probably just the result of a lazy port of an older title. I’ll wait for Darkness in June as my next big shooter game.

  • Sporty

    Yeah we’re still ahead of the PS2 this time in it’s life cycle. . I’m with Darren on this. It’s a half ass port. They had 6 months longer then the PC or 360 version, that should have been plenty if they cared about quality.

    The very few developers that say PS3 is complicated are just coping an excuse for their own lack of skills. We’ve had plenty of competent programmers say PS3 isn’t nearly as hard as PS2 was. The only idiots that say PS3 is hard are the ones that favor 360. Hell even Team Ninja said calling PS3 hard is just a cop out.

    The reason F.E.A.R. bothers me is they had 6 more months, if they weren’t capable they shouldn’t have taken on a project where they needed more skill then your average hobbyist.

  • BertTheHappyFish

    The thing is you can’t call the developers lazy for the port work. They work obscene hours, how can anyone call someone lazy when they end up having to live at work for 3 month long “cruch times” and burn out very easily.

    Sony don’t seem to be doing themselves any favours with previous poor developer support. Publishers only care about profit margin. Financial Analysts only care about the next week or two’s share price and how quickly they can get their next press release out before the competion. It generates a pressure for the developers to rush the job and get the “product” out the door rather than craft a decent game.

    Fanbois whinge that the game is shit because it was ported from the 360 or some other such nonsence but developing the skills takes time, the success of a project funds the next project and skills learning. There isn’t such a thing as a 1 day training course in writing multi threded applications for Cell based processors. Its not just “Load up the UT 3 engine and do some modding”, even games that are based on Havok/UT3/Whatever engine require thousands of lines of code. The engines undergo constant revisiosn, bugs are found, optimisations found. A lot of developers say the PS3 is hard to program for and you can bet a lot are finding it a git to program well for.

    Openly saying development it tough it in small amounts helps, Sony panic pull their finger out of their arse and provide tools and press releases saying its all fluffy and nice. Too complaining is bad as Financial Analysts panic and start doing press releases and importantly game players buy a wii or 360 instead due to worries of poor games.

    New games and ports don’t happen over night but fat lazy gobby teenage kids seem to think the magic programming pixie pulls optimised code out of his arse on a whim.

  • hollywooda

    @BertTheHappyFish , yer but you seem to forget that its those same fat gobby kids who will have to pay 50 quid for this game, if they were giving it away, fine u got no real grounds to bitch, but if your selling a product thats under par & it’s sloppy work then expect a caining. If u go to a resturant & u order a meal & it turns up looking like sh1t & under cooked, do u happly sit there & pay for it!?…. no. I know gaming is a tuff business but when we are expect to pay top dollar, we expect a good product.

  • It’s hardly sloppy work., It’s down to how the game was developed in the first place., fFor the PC. Console memory budgets are differant, you have to shrink down your art assets to fit in the limited space, this leads to the versions looking inferior. The PS3 not having unified RAM like the 360 makes life even harder to get your assets in budget without quality compramises.

    Calling developers lazy because the version on the hardest platform to develop for is just ignorant. Ninja Gaiden Sigma isn’t a port, its a remake, and I’ve read nothing that says the PS3 version of the Darkness or Spiderman 3 will be anything other than identical to the 360 version.

  • Damn no edit button. Sorry for my slopping writing there.

  • Sporty

    Fine their not lazy, just not as competent as Sega, Take2, EA, Bethesda, Epic or everyone else that doesn’t need an extra half a year to port something without adding new content.

    I guess separate ram pools for video and main memory would be a major hurdle if they never programed on a PC or any other console in history other then Xbox. Even though the RSX can access across both pools.

    Low level ASM for SPE’s would be pretty tough for someone that’s never learned programming on a RISC architecture, I mean they only use those in N64, Wii, 360, PS1, PS2, PS3, older iMacs, Blade servers, high end Linux clusters and Cell phones and most CE devices.

    Guess lazy wasn’t the right word. Sorry.

    Either way, F.E.A.R. is now just a game I wont buy to support the awesome skill level of Day 1 Studios showed it needed last half a year to accomplish.

  • MetalProxy

    Ahh, I will buy the game anyways. Iam pretty sure its going to be the exact same game as the 360. To be honest I rented the game for the 360 and thought it was very boring. The only reason Iam getting it for is the online mode and extra levels(not on PC or 360). Its always a little slow for games during this time of the year. (since the beginning of time)