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New Devil May Cry 4 Images! |

WOOHOO!!! Although Capcom has been far too quiet on updating their Devil May Cry 4 website, at least I can rely on a few trusty websites for some new images of DMC4:

Nero In Action

Oh yeah! Have some of that flame boy!


I bet he wished he laid off those ‘Your Momma Is So Fat’ jokes.


How long are you going to torture me for, Capcom!!! 😥

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  • Those pics are smoking! I can’t wait for this game! I just hope Nero isn’t going to be like Raiden in MGS2….

  • PSNID=Lifendz

    great pics. Next time leave the lame jokes to other web sites 😉

  • Lame jokes FTW!

  • Extra Terrestrial

    Capcom have answered my prayers.

    The game will feature real-time style switching.

    I need to go outside to get some fresh-air otherwise I will faint.

  • Yep, that’s a great feature and one that had to add to DMC4. Switching styles on the go will mean you won’t be stuck with the same style during a mission meaning you can adapt to any given situation and change styles that are more suitable to certain enemies.