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Big Undelivered PS3 Promises |

I know this post over at PS3Forums is a little old (3 weeks or so), but I can’t get it out of my head when I think about the PS3 and what might be coming. The author mentions four PS3 promises that Sony has so far been unable (or unwilling?) to deliver on. The article includes screenshots and video, so check out this article over at PS3 forums if you need the eye candy. I’m too lazy to get it myself!

But I will mention the four promises. Some aren’t so important to me, while others would be very nice to have. What do you guys think about these missing features?

  • In-game PSN store access.
    Remember that screenshot showing the ability to buy extra tracks in MotorStorm? Whatever happened to that? I admit that I won’t be the first one in line to shell out extra cash for games that I already bought, but I would think that the same interface could be used for extra free content as well. Which would be a lot nicer than trying to find it in the PSN store, where the idea of decent organization doesn’t seem to have caught on.
  • The PLAYSTATION Card for PSN.
    Gotta admit – I don’t care about this one.
  • In-game messaging.
    Now this is something that everyone has been clamouring for because it’s such a useful feature. I hope we get to see this one soon.
  • In-game XMB.
    Closely related to in-game messaging is the in-game XMB for access to (hopefully) all sorts of stuff while in game. I think that this could be a really useful feature, depending on what they allow. But even simple access to friends would be good for a start.

Anything missing?

What are sony’s priorities? AKA the stuff we were told we were getting

  • Ingame shopping for Motorstorm… They should first release something^^. But having a shop inside a game shouldnt be ANY problem at all, as the shop doesnt need to be there while playing (memory wise, not like chatting and all the other stuff).

    I CARE for the Playstation Card VERY much! I do not have a Credit Card, as I dont ever need one, here in good old, we use Debit Cards (I think, that this would be the right translation^^) for shopping online and the PSN does not support these (in Germany and Austria at least). I am not willing to get a Credit Card solely for the PSN, when all the others manage to do it without.

    The other two… For me, it would be enough, to read and sent messages and maybe voice chat, but I dont need my Browser and all the other stuff while playing… since I am playing^^

  • Honestly, I’m hoping they open up this media center thing a bit more – allow streaming (ala 360 or the AppleTV). or at least some sort of syncing feature with a computer so I don’t hae to carry a hard drive around the house.

    That and… I don’t know… some sort of organization regarding the media. It’s a bit slapdash, thats for sure.

    I went ahead and payed the 600 bucks because I beleived I was getting a great gaming system and a media center. So far I’m playing a lot of PS2 games and not doing anything I couldn’t do easier with somethng else.

  • Jimmy Stewart

    What about a video store. I know I love downloading things to my 360… if I could get the same content or more at a better price in 1080P? That would be heaven…

  • Burten

    A PSN videostore will come sooner or later. guess they need more time to build up the PS Store. Sony Pictures. ‘Nuff said..

    But after a couple of weeks with the ps3, I really miss a In-game-XMB-function. I mean, if they can fix it with the film or music, why not game?
    An upgrade for the media is high wanted as well.. Why can’t it play divx/xvid??
    Or rip dvd to the hdd 😉

  • HachiRoku

    Why do we alway have to compare the PSN with Live? Well, mainly because they are the same type of thing, but for their respective machine. But to expect features on PSN that are already on Live, when PSN is only a mere 4-5months old is kinda asking too much, no?
    See, Live is not 1 year ahead of PSN, like so many people like to argue. Live has been around since the first Xbox, so M$ has had a bit of time to fine-tune the Network functionality – not to mention networking on Windows having been around for eons.
    MSN on Live is only just coming out… Are you kidding me? It took them *this* long to get MSN on Live??! You’d think it’d be one of the first features on Live, being it another Microsoft product.

    I just think people should not be expecting so much, in such a short time frame. I bet eventually, all the above features will be implemented on PSN, but it will take time to get it right. If they just bring it out in a hurry, then people will have something else to complain about, if it doesn’t work just right.
    The “PSN In-game store” is already going to be in Singstar. Dunno about the PSN card.
    The last two items are pretty similar, so they could probably do both at the same time in a future update.

  • Mike

    None of this matters to me as much as the big first party games getting delayed so much. Late and sloppy ports from lazy PC developers aren’t going to sell a system, and neither are cross platform titles that don’t do much to take advantage of the hardware.

    If they don’t get games like Warhawk and Heavenly Sword out in a more timely and consistent fashion people are just going to look at the system as XB360 with a hi-def movie player and free, albeit less feature-rich online play.

    At least we know the God of War team can work just fine without David Jaffe because if you’ve read some of the comments he’s made on Gaming-Age lately, combined with his new obsession with “small games” (why buy a $600 system for “small” games… isn’t that what older hardware is for?) it’s pretty clear he is losing his mind.

    They also should have started courting western developers much earlier. Outside of Square and Konami, it doesn’t look like a lot of them have a good handle on some of the shader and mapping techniques that western devs have been used to for a while. Those textures on the boss in the new DMC4 screens are… not good.

  • Darrin

    It’s always good to point out room for improvement, but I wanted to say that I’m really impressed with what the PS3 has delivered for the first five months (I’ve only owned mine for three).

    When you think about it, we’ve really gotten a lot of content for such a short window: two AAA exclusives, great and affordable downloadable content (GT:HD, flOw, and Tekken), retro content, high quality ports (Oblivion and Fight Night), highly reviewed sports titles, several AAA PS2 titles, non-game features (folding, Internet, music/photos, Blu-Ray), and a fairly low bugs for such a complex product. (just posted a similar list in a different thread, sorry for repost).

  • Michael

    The freakin’ ps3 video camera. Show it to us already Sony!
    They said before that everyone would have the ability to download linux and it was as simple as that. Well, right now, there are several steps to getting linux to work on the ps3 and the complexity of it keeps it out of reach from all but the ones with superior computer skills and alot of time on there hands. Being able to see all of the ps3 users and be able to chat to any user would be great but instead you have to know a specific ps3 user and type in his/her e-mail to chat with them. Also, whatever happened to support for dolby hd and dts hd from blu-ray? We should have that by now.

  • Pc

    These things are coming soon, so don’t worry !!

  • Sporty

    None of these are that important to me really. But in game XMB would be nice to custom music. I’m not the biggest fan of Motorstorm’s soundtracks.

    In Game IM should be really soon now that buddy’s online status is shown while in game.

    In game PSN should be out by SingStar’s release since that game uses it heavily.

    PSN Sony Cards, Sony has no excuse for delaying these, they already have the system in place. SOE has been using game cards for ages and when buying things you have the option to use a Playstation card. Seems only thing missing is the cards themselves.

    The things I want are, personal PS1 image creation for PSP and PS3. Phil Harrison talked about this back at last years TGS. He said if you have the PS1 disk you can make your own image and don’t need to buy from PSN to play them on PSP. This is probably being held up due to piracy concerns but they should at least address it.

    Expanded codec’s and file types for media. I hate jumping through hoops to get a media file to work on PS3. So much so I’ve only done it a few times with less then Spectacular results. PC sharing would be nice also.

    I’m overall happy with my system but these things would be an improvment.

    I’m guessing the camera would be on hold till Eye of judgement. But if they released it now for video chat, 3rd parties can start on it. Hope it not just a gimick this time. The tech demos for the HD Eyetoy showed real promise.

    I really wish they would address the Rumble situation. Announce a Sixaxix with rumble. Would be nice to play PS2 games that use rumble with wireless. I’m not the biggest fan of rumble but some PS2 games lose something with you can’t fish in Dark Cloud or dig in FF games since you need the feedback.

  • Madasa

    I know for a fact that Evo Studios are working on some new store stuff – just waiting to see when it gets released.