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New DMC4 Trial Gameplay Footage!! |

😮 😮

I can’t emphasise enough just how badly I want DMC4. My mouth was open in awe during the entirety of that video. How fantastic does that look! The classic DMC formula is all present. Superb action packed gameplay? Crazy demonic bosses? Typical arrogant and smart arsed comments? Oh yes! 8) Could DMC4 surpass DMC1? That castle says maybe…

I love you Capcom. 😥

Devil May Cry 4 Trial Gameplay Video

  • And just what does your girlfriend think of your obsession? 🙂

  • She thinks I’m nuts. “It’s only a game” is what she often says. 🙄

    Yeah, it’s only going to be the best game ever made since DMC1.

  • this will be a must have !

  • !! Wow, that’s a must have game for me as well!

  • MetalProxy

    Iam so flabergasted I dont now what to put down. WOW

  • L

    Those button mashers are starting to get old for me.
    I guess I played too many of them, but killing thousands of enemies while discovering some 3D environment doesn’t do it anymore.
    I’ll pass on the childish dialogues and sound effects.