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SCEA’s Dave Karraker Talks PSN & Killzone @ E3 |

A few people who write and contribute to this blog have been pretty vocal about the improvements they would like to see to the PS Store and XMB, and it seems the improvements we want to see are pretty much universal with most PS3 owners, myself included.

KILLZONE Unit had a Q&A with SCEA’s Dave Karraker and although not much was revealed other than the obligitary ‘coming soon’ comments, you might find some of his comments interesting, not least his comment regarding PS3 Killzone:

We got a really great reception to the Killzone video we showed at GDC this year. It was basically a tech demo that showed the particle lighting and other features, but I think it really showed where we are heading with Killzone. E3 will be the big coming out party, however.

A couple of months and Sony’s most hyped title will be on view for the world to see. At least the people at Sony are aware of the improvements we want to see with the PS Store and XMB, we just need to be a little patient until the improvements can be made. It is a free service after all.

Stolen from Dav at the GR Forums. 😀

Q&A with Dave Karraker

  • Sporty

    Interesting interview. Too bad so many ‘I can’t answer that right now” came up but at least that’s better then pulling things out of the air.

    If Sony sticks to their 10 year promise then MS and Sony will both be launching their 4th consoles at the same time.

    I think Sony needs to do a BT headset package for SOCOM or KillZone so more people can get up and running. Even though you can go to the store and buy a BT headset, it would help get more people online if they didn’t have to guess which headset to get.

    Overall I think Sony needs to have their own information outlet. Threespeech while it’s helpful is too far disconnected from the dev side and too close to SCEE to be their main mouthpiece.