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Heavenly Sword Demo Confirmed |

PSU has an interview with SCEA’s Santa Monica Studios Producer, Kyle Shubel, and he has confirmed that there will be a playable demo of Heavenly Sword before the game hits retail. He doesn’t mention which regions will get it or when it’s likely to appear though, so we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled.

There will be no online multiplayer mode, which isn’t really a surprise to me, but HOME could be supported in some way. Maybe you will get trophies for completing the game on the hardest setting or doing it within a certain time.

They are aiming to have the game running at a constant 30fps at 720p which is a little surprising. It’s still due for a “Fall ’07” release which narrows it down a bit, 😉 but it’s a game I’m really looking forward to.

I can’t wait to get my hands on that demo. 😀

Heavenly Sword Interview

  • Why does Santa Monica confirm a second/third party game demo? Not that I am sad about this info, but somehow strange^^

    In the meantime, I play Lair hopefully

  • Sporty

    It is kinda strange. I though Ninja Theory was in the same building as Sony’s Cambridge office so that would be slightly closer to the development team.

    I guess they did Santa Monica since they are publishing the US version.

  • Pc

    It’s always a good thing to be able to try out a game before you buy it, so i’m glad that this demo will hit before retail.

  • MetalProxy

    Bring on the demo people. I dont care where it comes out, Iam looking forward to this game. I hope sigma dosent over shadow this game and push the release date back.