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[email protected] breaks 1,000 TFLOP

The [email protected] project has reached over 1,000 TFLOP. The PS3 alone accounts for 7/10th of that. Keep in mind that these stats change all the time. But pretty impressive. The PS3 Donor name is actually #1. Check out this link.

Our [email protected] team is currently ranked 661 of 68067, not bad for only 91 people on our team at the moment. Keep those PS3’s folding, it’s for a good cause.

It’s very simple to join our team. Once you’ve launched the [email protected] program, just press the triangle button to bring up the Options panel, select “Identity”, and then select “Join an exiting team”. After that, just enter’s team number 55054. And that’s it, your now part of the team.

Even PC users can join the team. I have my work PC running the [email protected] software as well. You can download the PC version here.


Star Wars: Clone Wars

I know that this is totally off-topic, but I don’t care! I’m a big big Star Wars fan and have been looking forward to both the live-action TV series that’s coming up, and also the computer-animated one. To be honest, I’ve always brushed aside the animated one in my mind, thinking that live-action is where it’s at. But after seeing this video, I’ve totally changed my mind. It looks great! From what I understand, the animated series is due to premiere in the fall of 2008. I can’t wait, and I hope it’s in HD!


Star Wars: Clone Wars Video


Guitar Hero III Preview

gh3_star.jpgIGN has a small preview of Guitar Hero III (GH3) for the PS3. First off, you’ll be happy to know that the controller will be wireless and will also be very similar to the 360’s guitar controller, also wireless.

The interesting thing for me was that when Activision bought RedOctane, they didn’t get the source code to Guitar Hero II in the process. Activision has given the GH3’s reigns over to an internal studio – Neversoft. But they didn’t get any source code, so they have to write the whole game from scratch. Which sounds both strange and like a lot of work. Which makes me wonder how they could get the game out in time for this Christmas. Something sounds fishy…

At any rate, the game will feature more original tracks than ever (as opposed to cover versions). Hopefully they’ll also improve the song selections. I much preferred the song list is GH1 over that in GH2.

Guitar Hero III Preview

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Resistance Update Delayed Until June 7th

It seems as though the two new maps and global servers that we were supposed to get by the end of May (today), won’t be available until June 7th. The maps are ready to go but it seems SCEA needed more time to make sure the global servers were ready to handle 1000s of people all heading for the damn LAARK! 😡

SCEA’s Greg Phillips:

The map pack has completed the approval process, and the content update is in the final day of testing worldwide.

The DLC, itself, is on track and ready to go as promised by Insomniac back in March. The reason for the delay is we (SCEA) needed a little extra time to get the global servers locked in and ready for thousands of players to come knocking. We would rather have a short delay and continue to deliver on our over the top, online experience.

So, on June 7th get ready to invade the new maps and LAARK someone in Europe from the confines of your couch on the West Coast. Of course, you can still expect other enhancements to the online experience.

I can wait another week.

A question for you Resistance players in North America. Do you guys have the same problems that we Europeans do with scumbags that surround/camp re-spawn points in Team games and kill you as soon as you re-spawn? Again and again and again. It seems to be the same clans and people that stoop to what I class as cheating.

It’s even worse when it happens in Grimsby and you’re human with the opposing team as Chimera.

It usually happens when people quit from the team leaving you outnumbered. I seriously hate people that do that (re-spawn campers and quitters) and I often send them a message after the game saying as much with a few choice words thrown in.

I also dislike people that constantly use the LAARK. I’ve faced people that only use that weapon during games and when I’ve caught them LAARKless, I’ve had no problem taking them out.

You don’t even need to be hit by a rocket from the LAARK to be killed!!! 😡

Oh yeah, Chimera are superior to Humans. 8)

Resistance Update Delayed Until June 7th


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