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Vib Ribbon on PS3? |

My favourite music game has got to be Frequency. I think it’s better than all 3 of its sequels – Amplitude, Guitar Hero, and Guitar Hero II. But, of course, I have all those games on my PS2 and enjoy my HDTV’s mosh pit with my friends. I’m also looking forward to Guitar Hero III this fall (now by Activision) as well as Garage Band (by Harmonix/MTV/EA).

Now I can add another game to my music-games-to-look-forward-to list. Well, maybe.

It looks like the creator of the cult PSOne hit Vib Ribbon is thinking about how to get his music game creation onto the PS3. I’ve never played the original Vib Ribbon, but it sounds really cool! The best part about the game is that it takes a song from any CD you put into your PlayStation, and uses that as the basis for a game level. That is so liberating! (Of course, some songs are a lot more fun to play that others, from what I hear.) I am sick and tired of video games force-feeding me crap music and telling me all about the stupid band that I care nothing about. I want to play my games to my music. And that’s what Vib Ribbon promises.

Can’t wait.

Could Vib Ribbon go to PLAYSTATION Network?

  • Looks cool… never played it 🙁

    BUT I love REZ (still playing it!!) and Vib Ribbon is similar to it

  • For some reason I really want to play it, lol. Gotta love unique gameplay.

  • MetalProxy

    Strange game if thats what it is. I like the sketchy drawing idea but the game can use a little more help in the art department. This comment is coming from an artist.

  • Sporty

    I’ve actually played this game before. I’m not a huge music genre fan and at the time I was more of a collector then a player so only had about 30 minutes playtime.

    But it’s basically a platformer where the level is dynamically created by the music playing. In the interview Matsuura was talking about ‘if’ it came to the PS3 on PSN he would like to see it use MP3s also. Might be interesting for this genre’s fans.

  • Maffy

    I had the demo to this, and loved the packaged song (totally obscure like the one in that video). I tried picking the game up on Ebay recently but wasn’t really prepared to fork out 20 pounds for it. Shame. Really hope it makes it onto the network!

  • Joe

    Wahey! I owned Vib Ribbon; still do in fact. It’s always a good one to try out on unsuspecting victims.

    The thing about Vib Ribbon is it works well with songs with a more defined beat. Works well with Daft Punk, but Metallica not so much.

  • phipscube

    I have the PSone version of Vib-Ribbon. Great game, especially with friends and a bit o beer. The later levels where you have to combine an insane amount of button presses to the shapes onscreen is amazing, especially when you finally manage to figure it out. The game definately works best with dance music, or some kind with a steady defined beat.

    There are 4 basic shapes (loop, rectangle, V pit and Wiggly line) that correspond to 4 buttons on the joypad (L1 R1 down and X). those are the only buttons you use in the game. but the shapes you see onscreen soon start to “merge” into single patterns and at first its like WTF do I press to get that? loop combined with wiggly line would be a wiggly loop for example, so youd have to press L1 and X together in time to the music for Vib to pass safely.

    Shame it doesn’t work with PS3. It freezes up before level 1 starts. So if they do bring it out for PSN then i’ll be there buying it.

    I’m actively seeking the Japanese PS2 Vib-Ripple and Mojib Ribbon (Sequels). I saw Mojib on ebay a few months ago but I didnt have the £80 asking price at the time and someone else got there before me. DARN! If anyone has them…..