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Get flOw for a discount |

Last Thursday’s PlayStation Store update changed the price of flOw to $5.00 for a limited time. It will go back to the normal price of $8.00 on May 24, 2007.

When I first got the game, I had my girl friend try it out. And she couldn’t put the controller down for a few hours. It’s a pretty fun game, it’s very simple and relaxing. It’s a nice change. But, honestly I wish there was an update for flOw, I rarely play it anymore. Add a few more creatures, levels, etc. And I’ll pick it up again.

flOw Now For Those With Less Cash Flow

  • Agreed. I think more games should be sold at $5. It’s about the right price. Calling All Cars should be around $5 soon as well. The one thing I hope happens is that more inexpensive games make it to PSN. And they need to have a regular release date for these items, A press release a few days before and a web page that describes the goodies coming out. Sorry got a little off topic.

  • Stunt

    Cool, a link to my story. 🙂

  • Sweet! Now more people will be able to see me in the credits, and play flOw!

  • Your a developer for flow?! What parts where you involved in? And will we be seeing any flOw updates in the future?

  • Stunt

    I’m not a developer. I just posted the linked story above. 🙂