New Poll: MotorStorm Splitscreen

So we’re all getting a free MotorStorm update on June 7th. It mostly contains bug fixes, but also a new time trial mode. That’s cool. I’ll definitely give it a try.

What I would have liked to see, however, is splitscreen support. I had two friends over to play games last Wednesday, and I tell you that you can’t play the game for too long because taking turns sucks! This got me wondering how important splitscreen support is to all you folks, because I only know that it’s very important to me. Hence my new poll. Vote in the sidebar now!


Previous poll results:

If Sony adds rumble to the new SIXAXIS, will they add something new? Or stay with the tried and true?

* Radically new.: 28% (50)
* A little new.: 47% (84)
* Same old same old.: 25% (44)

Total Votes : 178

Written by: Blackstaffer - News Contributor

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