New Walkthrough of Home

The whole video is about 14 minutes. It mentions in the video that it’s possible to have different types of animations based on the Home area that your in. For example, when you arrive in a specific Home area, you could ride a skateboard in the area. But once you leave to go to another area. That specific animation is gone. It only works in the room it was created for. I’m curious to see what the developers come up with.

There is also Winable items that will not be purchasable and vice versa. If you could buy them, that would defeat the purpose of earning / winning your items.

Developers will be able to run their own game code within Home. So they could present a demo of their game in Home. Also it is possible to visit foreign lobbies, like Japan, Europe, USA, etc.

If you would like to download the video click here.

Written by: T0SH - Cofounder of

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