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Official Sony Firmware 1.8 Update Page |

This is the official PS3 firmware update page over at Check it over for things you may have missed, or more details. – PLAYSTATION®3 – Network – Update 1.8

The above page links to the following page, which goes into much more details about the new firmware features.

Firmware 1.8 Detail

  • geowarrior

    Confirms everything we suspected but still leaves us hanging for the PSP 3.50 Update

    Anyone figured out the best solution for streaming files the PC? I’m a tad confused about the whole DLNA thing…is it only compliant hardware or can I install an application on my Windows XP PC to do it?

  • You can install software. Windows Media Player 11, for example. Or TwonkyMedia.

  • Edwin

    Can someone help out with this DLNA stuff. I have a mac and Townkymedia is not working out. It would be great if you did a tutorial post on setting up the ps3 with the mac.

  • geowarrior

    Thanks Henning installing TwonkyMedia as I type 🙂 Will report back

  • west coast ps3

    …tried out the PS3 with Windows Media Player 11. Very easy to setup, and was able to stream 720P MP4. It was not full motion, lots of pauses as it loaded the video but that was probably due to the slow wireless (wireless PS3 to a wireless workstation about 50 feet away, with a wireless router in between). 480P MP4 worked great, no pauses.

    I’ll try it with a wired connection tomorrow.

    A much better solution than “ORB”, the only other streaming video option that has worked for me.

  • kinsy

    What about an external HDD that is in my Network?
    Placed there as a Fileserver for my PC.
    Will that work too?
    Does it have to be a special fileserver?


  • It needs to be running some DLNA file streaming software, like WonkyMedia.