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TwonkyMedia, ReadyNAS NV+, and PS3 |

Last night I installed TwonkyMedia 4.3 for my ReadyNAS NV+. (NAS = Network Attached Storage. ReadyNAS NV+ is basically an intelligent, Linux-based, redundant, hard drive on your network.)

To install TwonkyMedia, I just followed the instructions on their website. I also followed the directions in this thread to fix a problem with ReadyNAS and TwonkyMedia. I also added my PS3’s IP address to the list of clients that TwonkyMedia will serve to. Note that if you use DHCP to assign an IP address to your PS3, you’ll have to change that so that the PS3 uses a static IP address.

To get it running on the PS3 side, I basically did nothing. You’re supposed to enable “Media Server Connection” (under “Network Settings”), but it was already enabled for me. So I move over to audio, and sure enough – there’s my TwonkyMedia share! Cool stuff.

I loaded photos just fine, and tried out the new slideshow option which was neat. I still haven’t figure out how to zoom way in on a picture, though I don’t think it’s even possible.

I wish that I didn’t see all three of Video, Audio, and Photo under Photo (and also under Audio and Video) – I just want to see the photos! It’s an extra level of indirection that I don’t wish to navigate.

Videos and music worked fine too, but only for those codecs that both the PS3 and WonkyMedia supported. Which is a bummer because most of my music is AAC, and WonkyMedia doesn’t support that.

To sum up, I’m pleased that everything was so easy to set up. But I’m displeased that the amount of stored media that I can actually use is so small. 🙁

  • I got it working last night as well. The video support isn’t great. But I think there are ways to encode on the fly so the PS3 can view it. I’ll have to play with that later.

  • I tried Elgato’s solution on the mac side and it worked but only on mpeg 1 video files. none of my pictures and none of my music. All AAC. I hope that Apple updates Itunes/Quicktime to be DLNA compatible. That would be real great. And solve so may problems.

  • jwspiker

    yeah.. If anyone has a solution for ACC and MP3 support, it’d be great to hear. I’d get all happy if sony actually release a media server that would support all these formats.

  • Martin

    I bet red kawa will make their ps3 videoserver dlna compatible within one month or so.

  • Jonathan Abbey

    The problem with the AAC is that your iTunes files are DRM’ed, and Apple’s not giving the keys to unlock those to anyone. The PS3 should be able to play non-DRM’ed AAC files just fine as it is.

    Apple releasing a DLNA-compatible server would be a convenience, but it wouldn’t solve the AAC issue, unless they were willing to strip off the DRM for you.

    And they’re not, of course. They’d much rather you buy an iTv and keep it all in the Apple revenue family.

  • Lakuma

    I know that there has been a lot of talk about the PS3 and TwonkyMedia not able to stream .avi’s. Henning, have you been able to test this out with your setup, because a lot of my videos are .avi’s.

  • jwspiker

    jonathan.. only m4p is drm’d. m4a’s my m4a(acc’s from itunes) plays just perfectly when copy’n to a SD card and putting that in my ps3.

  • Jonathan Abbey

    Ooh, weird. I think I read someplace that some piece of software in the DLNA chain (Twonky or PS3) didn’t properly recognize the file type of the .m4a extension.

    Doesn’t Twonky have an option to just pass the file to the PS3 without trying to characterize it? Or was I thinking of one of the other DLNA servers?

  • My music files are not DRM’d because I ripped them from my CD’s.

  • geowarrior

    Installed Twonkymedia on my PC last night and have to agree it was a breeze to set up, but share the same frustrations as above.

    Really wanted something I could play avi’s with as all the video camera footage of my baby is avi. It would also be nice to hide the unsupported data from view on the PS3 rather than scroll through the hundreds (in my case) of files that wont play

  • As of now, not one DLNA server worked to my content, and I tried many (not on Linux yet)

    Nearly none work with non PS3 compatible videos (otf transcoding)
    Some have “connectivity issues”

    The best one I tried yet, was the Nero Media Home. It supports otf transcoding (but only measly 2.0mbits mpeg1) and detects all of my videos I have (many Blender Tutorials, mostly .mov)

    I hope, there’ll be a good integrated solution soon, that supports HD AVC otf transcoding. I would even pay some ₮s for that.