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Resistance Map Packs & Global Servers Next Week [Update] |

The two new maps are called: Westmorland and Camborne. North America will get these next week. The European territories should get them shortly after the NA launch. Along with the Map Pack Resistance will be getting another big patch. They will finally globally unify the servers!

Here are some videos of the new maps.

There will be some upgrades to team play. Your Teammates’ names will stand out more so you don’t kill guys on your own team. And there will be more skins to distinguish your team easily. Another cool feature is that you can access the PlayStation Store from within the game. You’ll also be able to integrate your PSN buddy list into your Resistance buddy list.


The 2 maps packs will run $ 7.99


Resistance: Fall of Man Map Pack Preview (PS3)

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  • Things I’m pleased about:

    Enhanced Mute options and the ability to report cheating scum to an in-game moderator. I hate scumbags that storm and hang about spawn points looking for easy kills. Especially when the opposing team is outnumbered! 😡

    I also hate people that constantly use the LAARK!

    Quitters getting punished! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been in a team and we faced a big clan only for people on our team to quit. it seems that repeat offenders will soon be punished with a time based penalty. Better than nothing I suppose but hopefully they will bring in more serious punishments.

    I’m not happy about the removal of Chimera v Chimera death matches. If they are keeping Human v Human why are they removing Chimera v Chimera? If your team mates are going to be more visible with improved name tags why drop the Chimera death matches based on failing to distinguish between friend and foe?

    Surely Human v Human will have just as much difficulty distinguishing between friend and foe as a Chimera v Chimera team death match!

    I hope the maps are reasonably priced though. I’m not too happy about paying for new content but i can’t wait for the Global Servers! Looking forward to playing with/against some PS3Blog contributors. 8)

  • MetalProxy

    Iam so looking forward to the new levels. I hate that stupid Laark also Gary, people tend to abuse it. Those spawn point watchers get on my nerves, but I like to hunt those people down. When I play Chimera vs Chimera everyone one the team tends to bitch alot that its stupid. But I dont care Iam there to gun people down.
    I play both ranked and unranked matches, they both have there ups and downs though. I havent seen my clan members play for weeks so I need a new one. Anyone know of a good clan where people play the game still?

  • Final_armageddon

    The both of you must suck. If a team is pinned in their base and people r waiting for respawn kills they shouldn’t have gotten in that position in the 1st place. I love pinning people in their base its part of the game. You need better teammates to avoid this situation. Join a good clan and the problem will easily be avoided. Otherwise suffer the consequences.

  • SephGrave

    im with final. u shouldn’t let the other team pin u. thats not cheating. thats strategy. my clan never gets pin. we do the pinning. cause we work together as a team. and not like a bunch of headless chickens. we know to watch each others back and how to group up and then attack. thats why we’re in the gamebattles hall of fame. as for the laark yeah its blows. but if i have 3 or 4 ppl charging you at once its awesome to see bodies start flying. it should be used only when ur heavily outnumbered. it should b packed away til then.

  • Gangsta P

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