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Gran Turismo bombshell? |

Ah good old Gran Turismo. By this time I expect most of you have had a go at the GTHD download on the PlayStation store (irritatingly I am still PS3-less) and formed your own opinions.

Prepare yourself for a bolt of confusion from the blue.

French magazine Joypad (English readers will recognise the typeface as uncannily similar to Edge, both magazines are published by Future), scored an interview with Kaz Yamamuchi. As you’d expect Kaz offered some details on GT5 and the ‘zine shows the first shot of the Nurburgring and the interior of an Audi TT. Unsurprisingly, these look almost indistinguishable from their real life counterparts.

And then? The bombshell. GT4 HD is not dead. The game has the same setup as described last year (namely GT4 in HD with more cars and lots of online content), available in premium and classic versions and will most likely appear by the end of the year.

I’m not really sure what to make of this. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original approach suggested by Polyphony, so I hope they have adjusted their pricing strategy. There again, as another stop gap for GT5… well, it’s better than nothing I guess. I expect we will get more details on this in the next few weeks and at E3, but for now we need to wait and see.

Read the story as it unfolded on GAF.

  • It’s very bizarre. I’d rather they focused 100% on GT5 and release it when it’s ready, rather than mess around with GT 4 HD or whatever they decide to call it.

    GT5 is going to look amazing on the PS3. Just looking at how the GT games looked on PS2 gives you some idea of what to expect from GT5.

  • When I saw your headline, I thought you were going to mention that car damage is coming to GT5!!!

  • He is called Kazunori Yamauchi!!!

    And theres much more to this article, as Henning mentioned.

    Stuff confirmed was

    Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari
    Online Play
    plus some other stuff I dont remember now^^

  • Less GT 4 HD more GT5 please!!!!

    Damage would be the one thing I would want to see in GT 5, more than any other new addition.

  • rgvmonster

    wait a minute.. you write for a ps3 site and yet don’t own a ps3?? come on dude.

  • It doesn’t make Tom’s opinion less valid than anyone elses.

  • Sporty

    Considering GT is still unreleased, I dont think Tom not having a PS3 means much on this story.

    The Car Damage, Changing weather and online are pretty sweet.

  • John

    If the price is right, rather than waiting for an extra 6+ months, I would personally gladly have a GT4HD rather than a GT5 Prologue. GT4 has a lot of things “right”, a 60 FPS HD version would make racing sim above most everything else (if not #1). If that leaves them more time to make GT5 “perfect”, I’m all for it.
    That’s preferable for PS3’s sake to leaving the 360 and Forza2 as the only next-gen racing sim for 6-12 months, whatever the release date for GT5 is going to be.

    In the same vein of “HD version of a prev-gen title to make you wait for the full next gen version”, I really enjoy PSN’s Tekken 5: DR, so a PS3 GT4 sounds nice.

  • Tom

    Re: Me not having a PS3- If I had the cash (ie. if I had a job that paid me – damn work experience), I’d go out and buy one in a heartbeat!

  • PSNID=Lifendz

    Tom, you’re going to look like a genius for not buying a PS3 right now. When you do get one, the games, HOME, and the price cut will all be in effect.