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[email protected] breaks 1,000 TFLOP |

The [email protected] project has reached over 1,000 TFLOP. The PS3 alone accounts for 7/10th of that. Keep in mind that these stats change all the time. But pretty impressive. The PS3 Donor name is actually #1. Check out this link.

Our [email protected] team is currently ranked 661 of 68067, not bad for only 91 people on our team at the moment. Keep those PS3’s folding, it’s for a good cause.

It’s very simple to join our team. Once you’ve launched the [email protected] program, just press the triangle button to bring up the Options panel, select “Identity”, and then select “Join an exiting team”. After that, just enter’s team number 55054. And that’s it, your now part of the team.

Even PC users can join the team. I have my work PC running the [email protected] software as well. You can download the PC version here.

  • Now that’s Impressive. Three months in and making a huge impact. It doesn’t take much guys. A WU (Work Unit) only takes about 8 hours of your PS3 being on. Mines been on since the beginning, when I’m not playing Oblivion. Almost done everything by the way. One Disease at a time. Onwards and upwards. Excelcior. Just win Baby. Or whatever rallying cry you prefer.

  • I convinced a friend of mine (2 pcs, a dual core and a laptop) to fold for us too 😀

    Greets to Chewie (this nick because he REALLY looks like that, he is THAT hairy :D)


  • geowarrior

    Well I’ve been umming and aaarrring about what team to join since my very recent upgrade from 1.50 so it’s good timing that your site has bought this to my attention again.

    I love the content here and feel I should give a little in return so would be honoured to join your team. Will it count anything my PS3 has worked on so far or start afresh from when I join you?

  • You would start fresh I believe.

  • yodaddy

    yea … you guys make me feel like I am part of a bowling team or something … for me that is very cool…. Thanks fella’s