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Resistance Update Delayed Until June 7th |

It seems as though the two new maps and global servers that we were supposed to get by the end of May (today), won’t be available until June 7th. The maps are ready to go but it seems SCEA needed more time to make sure the global servers were ready to handle 1000s of people all heading for the damn LAARK! 😡

SCEA’s Greg Phillips:

The map pack has completed the approval process, and the content update is in the final day of testing worldwide.

The DLC, itself, is on track and ready to go as promised by Insomniac back in March. The reason for the delay is we (SCEA) needed a little extra time to get the global servers locked in and ready for thousands of players to come knocking. We would rather have a short delay and continue to deliver on our over the top, online experience.

So, on June 7th get ready to invade the new maps and LAARK someone in Europe from the confines of your couch on the West Coast. Of course, you can still expect other enhancements to the online experience.

I can wait another week.

A question for you Resistance players in North America. Do you guys have the same problems that we Europeans do with scumbags that surround/camp re-spawn points in Team games and kill you as soon as you re-spawn? Again and again and again. It seems to be the same clans and people that stoop to what I class as cheating.

It’s even worse when it happens in Grimsby and you’re human with the opposing team as Chimera.

It usually happens when people quit from the team leaving you outnumbered. I seriously hate people that do that (re-spawn campers and quitters) and I often send them a message after the game saying as much with a few choice words thrown in.

I also dislike people that constantly use the LAARK. I’ve faced people that only use that weapon during games and when I’ve caught them LAARKless, I’ve had no problem taking them out.

You don’t even need to be hit by a rocket from the LAARK to be killed!!! 😡

Oh yeah, Chimera are superior to Humans. 8)

Resistance Update Delayed Until June 7th

  • PSNID=Lifendz

    I hate the quitters. I hope Insomniac makes changes that reduce rank or something when you quit a certain number of games. When they crowd the spawning point it’s UBER frustrating. Sometimes they add insult to injury by having a flag carrier (in team objective mode) in there shooting you as well. I did have one of the greatest moments in that game when it was the two people including me on my team against the five on the other team. That victory was sweet.

    P.S…Humans are no slouch but seeing through walls owns.

  • If I happen to come across a LAARK, I’ll grab it 🙂 But I don’t camp for it. My main weapons of choice lately are flamethrower ( I forget the name), auger, sniping is always fun, bullseye, and shotgun is great 🙂

  • Nathaniel Harvatt

    I agree, i have noticed this happening more and more as people become familiar with the maps and re spawn places, its not on to be honest and means someone will jump into the lead by a long margin whilst they are camped there before someone removes them. They could fix this with random spawn points on all maps……

    On the laark front, i joined an unranked deathmatch of 40 people and i swear that everyone was using the laark, the match was set to any weapon with unlimited ammo, all i could hear was dam explosions, whats the point!

  • jwspiker

    I haven’t played online with RFoM, but the lark actually sounds fun if everyone has it. Sorta like golden eye with the granades only. I’m still waiting for a game that has the enjoyment of play golden eye with remote mines and grenades only. It’s absolutely crazy fun in my book. I only occasionally win, but it’s fun to simply blow things up. would be even better if the environment was destructive, like red faction, where you could blow up walls and such.

  • Hm, being a Q3A veteran, I can understand your anger too well.

    Spawn camping should be ruled out. Sort of, when you dont move around near an enemy spawn point, you lose energy (also reduces camping) (a certain area of effect effect).

    I hope also, that the Motorstorm update hits soon, the cheating is also very drastic.

  • MetalProxy

    Damn it we have to wait Ahkk. Those Laarkers drive me bonkers. I always run into them people all the time especially in ranked, its getting old. One guy (RedBusa) I have blocked has 15 thousand kills w/ Laark and 3 hundred kills w/carbine I wonder what he likes. And yes there are spawn watchers here in america. Iam sick of the glitchers that are getting out of bounds so they be cheezy.

  • CCCW

    Looks good, I’ve played the online to death and I’m looking foward to the new maps. About the cheaters, I mostly play CTF in somerset and there is a glitch where you can get out of the actual map is a serious problem because they surround the spawn point and snipe everyone. Since I only go on custom games now the LAARK doesn’t bother me much but I can see it being a problem in ranked games.