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Star Wars: Clone Wars |

I know that this is totally off-topic, but I don’t care! I’m a big big Star Wars fan and have been looking forward to both the live-action TV series that’s coming up, and also the computer-animated one. To be honest, I’ve always brushed aside the animated one in my mind, thinking that live-action is where it’s at. But after seeing this video, I’ve totally changed my mind. It looks great! From what I understand, the animated series is due to premiere in the fall of 2008. I can’t wait, and I hope it’s in HD!


Star Wars: Clone Wars Video

  • MetalProxy

    Awesome a computer animated star wars, things couldn’t get more interesting.

  • A better thing would be a MMO built using character models just like this. This could be handled by the PS3 maybe to a less shaded degree.
    But about the show.
    Pray for plot
    Pray for storytelling to return.
    Pray that Kevin Smith gets to write or direct at least one episode.
    Maybe that should be the title Star Wars: Clone Wars: Return of the Plot

  • Yeah, yeah.

    You can criticize the new Star Wars stuff for all sorts of reasons, but plot ain’t one of them. When people complain about the lack of plot in these movies, what they’re actually complaining about is the lack of an interesting plot. And I’d disagree on that point too. Well, except for Phantom Menace. There the plot was pretty boring.

  • Just going for a little levity Henning.

  • bobeotm

    I don’t think plot was the problem for the recent trilogy, it was the delivery of the plot. It got better as the trilogy went on, with the third being the best of the three. Phantom Menace suffered from being the most detached from the established story, since it was the farthest away from what people knew chronologically. I am one of the people in the minority who think the prequels weren’t horrible movies, they were decent, and for scifi, they were quite good. People get so hung up on nostalgia when they talk about star wars, that it affects how they view current stuff.

  • Hear hear!

    I quite enjoyed the prequel trilogy. Of course the original trilogy is better, but the prequel is decent. Episode I was alright, Episode II was good, and Episode III was as well. (Personally I think that EpIII wasn’t the big leap over EpII that everyone says it was.)

  • I agree, episode 3 wasn’t a huge leap over 2, but it just felt more focused on a task (after all its easier to put in a missing puzzle piece when the others are all in place. Episode 2 and 1 had the challenge of leading into things in the storyline that didnt yet exist on film. 3 just bridged a gap, and for a lot of people, thats part of why they feel its so good. Its that nostalgia creeping in again.