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256GB Solid-State SATA

pqi_256gb.jpgA company called PQI is readying a 256GB solid-state SATA storage device. No spinning discs, and no read heads, longer life, lower power requirements. Sounds too good to be true? Well, they haven’t announced a price yet, so we don’t know. :)

But I wonder how well one of these would work in a PS3. At first I thought that it might help with the noise and heat issues surrounding the PS3. I know my friends who have a 360 say my PS3 is very quiet in comparison, but I find my PS3 way too loud. (I pitty 360 owners in that respect.) But then I got to thinking about it, and I’m doubtful. I don’t hear the hard drive in the PS3, and I doubt that it contributes any significant heat to the chasis (or does it?). So the only benefit I can see in using this drive in a PS3 (besides the obvious improvement in storage space) is a reduction in electricity usage. While that’s always a good thing, what I really want is a solution to decrease the amount of noise coming from my PS3.

Ah well.

PQI ramps up 256GB solid-state notebook drive


Which is faster: Blu-Ray or DVD?

I was reading Business 2.0 this month, when I noticed this quote:

gamers complained that the speed of the Blu-Ray drive was too slow when doing what drives in consoles are supposed to do: load games.

Now, this is nothing new. Many other magazines and journalists have said the same thing.

But has anyone actually tested this?

I suspect not. I’ve definitely never seen any of these business writers cite any tests or evidence to back this up. If anything, it’s probably based on abstract high level spec sheets that skip over important considerations such as CLV vs CAV (angular velocity measurements vs linear velocity measurements) and layer switch issues.

OK, guys. Let’s do some digging. This shouldn’t be too hard to do:

  • Find a good optical drive benchmarking tool that will test this kind of thing. Needs to run under Linux so that it can be used on the PS3 and on a PC.
  • Identify some good tests discs. Will want to test both single layer and dual layer DVD and blu-ray test discs. I wonder if there is a big performance drop when using dual layer discs rather than single layer? Is there a speed hit when doing seeks from one layer to another? The latter should show up on a random access test.
  • Get a PS3 with Linux set up on it to do the Blu-Ray tests.
  • Get a Linux PC to do the DVD tests. Linux is preferable since hopefully both PS3/Blu-Ray and PC/DVD test machines can use the exact same benchmarking application.
  • Run the tests several times to get a good sample.
  • Post Results

Does anyone else think that this would be an interesting test to run? Can anyone provide some technical tips to refine this strategy? Will anyone volunteer to help do any of this?

BTW, I know that the game, “Oblivion” has better load times on the PS3, but that is merely one anecdote. I’m hoping to gather more general benchmarks.

Business 2.0 Article
GameSpot Comparison of Blu-Ray/DVD speed by specs (no actual benchmarks)


Warhawk Beta

Sorry about the lack of updates, people. I’m too busy playing, thinking about, talking about, and getting killed in the Warhawk Beta.

I’m not allowed to talk about it publicly, but I think it’s safe to tell you that I’ll be buying this game when it’s released.



Video – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Even though I’m a big fan of Star Wars, I’ve never really been into stuff like Star Wars books or Star Wars games. This game might change all that. It just looks too cool: