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Gran Turismo bombshell?

Ah good old Gran Turismo. By this time I expect most of you have had a go at the GTHD download on the PlayStation store (irritatingly I am still PS3-less) and formed your own opinions.

Prepare yourself for a bolt of confusion from the blue.

French magazine Joypad (English readers will recognise the typeface as uncannily similar to Edge, both magazines are published by Future), scored an interview with Kaz Yamamuchi. As you’d expect Kaz offered some details on GT5 and the ‘zine shows the first shot of the Nurburgring and the interior of an Audi TT. Unsurprisingly, these look almost indistinguishable from their real life counterparts.

And then? The bombshell. GT4 HD is not dead. The game has the same setup as described last year (namely GT4 in HD with more cars and lots of online content), available in premium and classic versions and will most likely appear by the end of the year.

I’m not really sure what to make of this. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original approach suggested by Polyphony, so I hope they have adjusted their pricing strategy. There again, as another stop gap for GT5… well, it’s better than nothing I guess. I expect we will get more details on this in the next few weeks and at E3, but for now we need to wait and see.

Read the story as it unfolded on GAF.


LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

As much as I find the recent 3 Star Bores films boring, I had a lot of fun playing LEGO Star Wars on the PS2. Now, Travellers Tales are working on a new LEGO Star Wars game for the PS3, 360, Wii and DS, due for release this November. The Complete Saga will cover all 6 films and is set to be the biggest game yet:

There’ll be more than 160 characters to choose from, which will also be customisable, letting you swap torsos and heads to create your own hybrids. New levels will be introduced, on top of revamped or unseen challenges from the previous games. And you’ll be able to relish more Force Powers, use fresh power-ups, and tackle a new Challenge mode.

But the biggest addition will be two-player jump-in cooperative gameplay over the Internet on PS3 and Xbox 360 – the first time online’s featured in the series.

WOOT!!! 2 player online co-op! Henning should be pleased with this news.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Trailer


Resistance Map Packs & Global Servers Next Week [Update]

The two new maps are called: Westmorland and Camborne. North America will get these next week. The European territories should get them shortly after the NA launch. Along with the Map Pack Resistance will be getting another big patch. They will finally globally unify the servers!

Here are some videos of the new maps.

There will be some upgrades to team play. Your Teammates’ names will stand out more so you don’t kill guys on your own team. And there will be more skins to distinguish your team easily. Another cool feature is that you can access the PlayStation Store from within the game. You’ll also be able to integrate your PSN buddy list into your Resistance buddy list.


The 2 maps packs will run $ 7.99


Resistance: Fall of Man Map Pack Preview (PS3)


TwonkyMedia, ReadyNAS NV+, and PS3

Last night I installed TwonkyMedia 4.3 for my ReadyNAS NV+. (NAS = Network Attached Storage. ReadyNAS NV+ is basically an intelligent, Linux-based, redundant, hard drive on your network.)

To install TwonkyMedia, I just followed the instructions on their website. I also followed the directions in this thread to fix a problem with ReadyNAS and TwonkyMedia. I also added my PS3’s IP address to the list of clients that TwonkyMedia will serve to. Note that if you use DHCP to assign an IP address to your PS3, you’ll have to change that so that the PS3 uses a static IP address.

To get it running on the PS3 side, I basically did nothing. You’re supposed to enable “Media Server Connection” (under “Network Settings”), but it was already enabled for me. So I move over to audio, and sure enough – there’s my TwonkyMedia share! Cool stuff.

I loaded photos just fine, and tried out the new slideshow option which was neat. I still haven’t figure out how to zoom way in on a picture, though I don’t think it’s even possible.

I wish that I didn’t see all three of Video, Audio, and Photo under Photo (and also under Audio and Video) – I just want to see the photos! It’s an extra level of indirection that I don’t wish to navigate.

Videos and music worked fine too, but only for those codecs that both the PS3 and WonkyMedia supported. Which is a bummer because most of my music is AAC, and WonkyMedia doesn’t support that.

To sum up, I’m pleased that everything was so easy to set up. But I’m displeased that the amount of stored media that I can actually use is so small. 🙁


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