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Haze Co-op Preview |

haze_soldier.jpgSometimes I wish I wrote for a large site like IGN so that I could (a) actually get a salary from doing this, and (b) be able to preview cool stuff. Case in point: Haze.

IGN today posted an article discussing the co-op multiplayer aspects of Haze, and they look sweet. Haze has a dynamic jump-in system like Warhawk that lets players join in a single player game at any time to make it multiplayer. If co-op is being played online, up to four people can be playing. If you’re playing offline, then it’s just two. As well, the AI system adapts to how many human players there are, making sure that adding players doesn’t make it a cakewalk for the humans. Neato.

So I’m pretty happy about the co-op modes in this game. I hope they also have regular multiplayer modes as well, and I’ll be a happy duck. More games should take their cue from this, and provide better multiplayer experiences, especially local. (Burnout 5 – I’m thinking of you!)


One thing I didn’t like about this article is a problem I see a lot of places, and it’s a pet peeve of mine. They misused the word “exponentially”. As in:

However, during our demo we did get to see some vehicular co-op bliss, with the four players all piling into a Warthog-esque buggy. The two side passengers were able to lean out of the vehicle and spray any passers-by, exponentially boosting the fire-power of their four-wheeled mode of transportation.

Well, unless they know something they didn’t reveal in those two sentences, the increase in fire-power was linear, not exponential. Most uses of the word “exponential” I see are incorrect. Most of the time, they really want to use the word “linear”, but they want to sound cool, so they use “exponential” instead. Tsk tsk.

RANT OFF (Sorry about that.)

Haze Preview

  • Darrin

    This game really does sound promising. The devs have a good history of high quality shooters.

    I’ve heard that the PS3 will be the lead SKU and it will be a timed exclusive.

    Regarding linearly/exponentially: that’s the difference between an english major and a math/engineering major.

  • Hehe,

    yeah, I too am a bit “fed up” with people talking about stuff, they know jack about. As an engineer, I always get to see people not knowing the difference between an axis and a shaft (the shaft transmits torques, the axis does not). This is just ONE of many other examples in the world (dont ever play WoW, 95% of all people dont even know how to write correctly).

  • Crap, and I was just about to use “shaft” in a sentence where I obviously should have used “axis”.

  • MetalProxy

    Didnt these guys make the Time Splitter games? Iam so buying this game if so. Iam going to spred honey all over my face to try and see if I can get the haze effect. Nope dont work now all sticky.

  • For easy remembering.

    The axis on a car (i.e. front wheel drive) is attached to the wheels not connected to the engine. The shaft is the one that IS connected to the engine 😀

  • Darrin

    MetalProxy, yes, these are the TimeSplitters guys. I can’t wait to see more of this one.

  • MetalProxy

    Those time splitter guys know how to make a shooter. Segitz are you talking about cars? I work on the damn things all day long. Its called an axle shaft by the way.

  • Yah, ok. I am not native english speaking…

    Literally translating from german to english would be “Achse” for axis and “Welle” for shaft… But thanks for the correction, Metal

  • Toolio

    While we’re on the subject of rants, what really gets me is when a blogger complains about others’ incorrect English usage while the blogger himself makes laughable errors in that very same rant.

    a) “…get a salaray from doing this.”
    I think the word you’re looking for here is “salary.”

    b) “it’s a pet peave of mine.”
    The phrase is “pet peeve.”

    Perhaps with a little proofreading, the quality of your writing will increase – you guessed it – exponentially.
    Or, you could keep writing with little care and eventually win that writing job at IGN. Maybe they’ll even pay you a salaray, whatever that may be.

  • Crazyglues

    ( Toolio Says :
    a) “…get a salaray from doing this.”
    I think the word you’re looking for here is “salary.”

    b) “it’s a pet peave of mine.”
    The phrase is “pet peeve.” )

    Now this is Priceless… I always laugh when people try to act like there better then other people, It will always be your downfall. Thanks for pointing this out Toolio. I don’t know why he would try to criticize IGN writers when Henning you are not perfect yourself. As Toolio just showed us.

    So maybe you will never work for IGN because I think spelling stuff right might be just a little bit bigger then actually using the word correctly… LoL

    Either way don’t quit your day job whatever that may be, since as a video game blogger you still have some way to go. And trust me don’t bother putting a Rant on : because as far as I can tell no one is perfect.

  • jwspiker

    spelling is in the eye of the beholder. IMO, but i always loose the argument, but I’m fine with it. Purpose of writing is to convey thoughts. If a word is slightly miss-spelled , but conveys the thought the writer intended, what in the world is the big deal. I have to deal with gripes of UK English being wrong in American and often times it seems to be a more correct way to spell things, but often times it’s the other way around. Any, spelling sucks, can we all agree with that.

  • Crazyglues: at least I know the meaning of the words I misspell.

    And thanks for the corrections. I’ll fix the article. It’s nice to see you care.

  • Crazyglues

    Henning: is that really better, that you know the meaning of the word but you don’t know how to spell it?

    Reminds me of my science teacher when I was back in high school, he knew all this stuff about science and stuff, like how far to the moon, what kind of rocks are on mars and all the different planets size and weight. Then one day in the middle of writing all this science stuff on the board, he turned to the class and said ” which one is it again, Does the sun go around the earth or does the earth go around the sun.”

    We just laughed and laughed, here was this guy who was basically like a rocket scientist to us, and he forgot something so simple.

    I just think people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones… So unless your perfect don’t criticize the next man because he’s not. I find IGN to be really good at what they do, even if they do miss use a word here or there.

  • MetalProxy

    Wow, what the hell happened. People I didn’t mean to feel superior or any of that nonsense. I was trying to be helpfull.