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New Tekken 6 Screenshots |

The photo above is another new Tekken 6 character named Miguel. He is a bullfighter who has a unique style of fighting. He hasn’t studied any martial arts either. Should be interesting to see what his fighting style looks like.

Looks like the game is coming along nicely, hopefully there’s a demo of it soon 🙂

For all the new screenshots click here.

  • MetalProxy

    Cool Iam a big fan of Tekken. The images are great, thanks. They need to swamp the PSstore with demos (like Lair, Heavenly sword, etc.).

  • This game is looking much better than the last time screenshots were released. The first few images a while ago where just bare-bones with no visual effects. These are a bit more dynamic in terms of lighting. I’m still confused as to whether Leo is a guy or a girl, in some shots he looks male, in others, not so much.

    My biggest gripe with Tekken, and almost all other fighting games, is that I wish that the costumes would change with each iteration of the game. I know many fans get attached to the costumes but I would like it if they added new ones, and had the old ones just be unlockable or something. Because it seems I am the only one who will refuse to play with Julia because she has had the same damn outfit since she was introduced.

  • ehandlr

    Leo is confirmed a girl. So no need to feel embarrassed about your attraction now 😛 lol

  • Glad you enjoyed the pic update… 🙂

  • Thanks for providing them! 🙂 I’m a huge Tekken fan.

  • Same her, HUGE fan. Its generally been the rule for me that I make the consoler jump as soon as the tekken is released. I bought a Playstation after playing a friends copy of Tekken 2, bought a PS2 when Tekken Tag Tournament came out, bought a PSP when Tekken DR was released, and its seems that Tekken 6 will be when i finally buy a ps3 of my own. Although other games contributed to me getting the systems when I did, Tekken has always been the one game i had way too much fun with to miss out on.

  • Woot! The brought back a snow stage.

    Are you guys sure Leo is feminine? He looks male to me, unless she’s trying to pass as a guy for some reason. If so she’s doing a good job.

  • hatchet

    to bobeotm, not that costume matters at all, but I think you’d be happy to know that you can customize character costumes from miner changes to things that look completely different.

  • Knighthawk

    Coming along nicely, indeed. The character models are looking amazing. Can’t wait for this game!

  • PSNID=Lifendz

    Doesn’t look better than VF5 imo.

  • Hm… I dunno, since Tekken 3, most, if not all beat em ups lost appeal to me. I mean, They’re basically always the same, with shinier graphics. I can still pull off most of Hwoarangs specials and “kill” the bosses without even thinking about it 😀

    Not that I dont like continuity, but there must be something, that refreshens this genre, or it will die a slow death. As I already said some time ago, a physics based fighter (were skills REALLY counts, not just button mashing) would be a real killer imo.

    Also their animation system basically didnt evolve since Tekken 1 (I am serious here!). Some moves can be tracked all the way thru to one (Yoshimitsus “turning” attack for instance) and hitting somebody triggers an awful canned animation… This is freaking 2007. Look at Uncharteds animations, and there’s much more to render here!

  • I remember getting the first Tekken, it was a great game at the time, but there’s only so many things you can put in a fighting game before you’ve run out of ideas. I mean even Mortal Kombat is out on it’s last leg. Tekken is a fine game, but it’s better days might be behind it.

  • The biggest problem with fighting games, is the hardcore fans. Most are so completely resistant to change that the developers always feeling like they are walking on eggshells in an effort to not change to much and alienate some of those fans. For instance Tekken 4 added alot of new gameplay elements like walls and in-environment obstacles that one could be pinned against. It also added moves that allowed the players to grab and switch positions. The fans made a big stink about it and complained about it being so different in pacing and strategy. So with tekken 5 they went back to what it was before, just tuning it.

    So blame the hardcore for there being few changes to fighting games, if they werent so afraid of having to relearn some things, we would probably have a greater evolution between iterations.

  • If it’s not broke why fix it? Tekken doesn’t need to change. The DOA series hasn’t change since the Dreamcast and they’re still both fun to play.

  • TekkenAddict

    Is Julia Still In Tekken 6?