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Ninja Gaiden Demo Bonus |

When you get the final version of the game. It will see how much of the demo you’ve played and reward you with some Yellow Essence, basically your in-game cash. You can use that at the start of the game to buy items, power-up your weapons. What a great idea! Some people spend a lot of time on demos. Now you will finally get rewarded for playing the demo. Hopefully future demos will have this feature.

Ninja Gaiden Demo Connectivity


  1. SincereXai

    So does this mean that I have to download the Demo again? Or do I just continue to replay it again?

  2. MetalProxy

    Ha… I have been playing the demo every other day. Looks like alot of yellow essence for me.

  3. See in the screenshot how the sword passes right through the enemy? I thought with this generation of games we would have been rid of that. Instead we’re just getting prettier graphics…

  4. I haven’t really been playing it much but I guess this will make me want to play it more. It was a very good idea.

  5. MetalProxy

    Its to bad you have to swing a couple times at a guy before they die.

  6. Biphter

    It would be nice if us poor Europeans could actually play the demo (Officially). And whilst were at it Calling All Cars too. What gives, Sony?

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