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Ninja Gaiden Demo Bonus |

When you get the final version of the game. It will see how much of the demo you’ve played and reward you with some Yellow Essence, basically your in-game cash. You can use that at the start of the game to buy items, power-up your weapons. What a great idea! Some people spend a lot of time on demos. Now you will finally get rewarded for playing the demo. Hopefully future demos will have this feature.

Ninja Gaiden Demo Connectivity

  • SincereXai

    So does this mean that I have to download the Demo again? Or do I just continue to replay it again?

  • MetalProxy

    Ha… I have been playing the demo every other day. Looks like alot of yellow essence for me.

  • See in the screenshot how the sword passes right through the enemy? I thought with this generation of games we would have been rid of that. Instead we’re just getting prettier graphics…

  • I haven’t really been playing it much but I guess this will make me want to play it more. It was a very good idea.

  • MetalProxy

    Its to bad you have to swing a couple times at a guy before they die.

  • Biphter

    It would be nice if us poor Europeans could actually play the demo (Officially). And whilst were at it Calling All Cars too. What gives, Sony?