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L.A. Noire Coming to the 360? | is pretty confident that this game will be coming to the Xbox 360:

The spokesperson suggested that both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases are likely, stating, “LA Noire is being developed for next-generation systems.”

L.A. Noire

Other sites, such as, are picking up on this:

So once again it now looks like it may well be coming out for the 360 after all.

On Wikipedia you can see an ongoing edit struggle regarding the 360 version, NeoGAF and other gaming forums have very animated debates about this.

I don’t think this issue is up for debate, this game will simply not come to the 360 or any non-Sony system ever: not a simultaneous launch, not a timed exclusive, never. Why? Read this quote from a Eurogamer interview with Team Bondi studio lead, Brendan McNamara:

Kristan Reed: How are you funding the project? Has SCEA given you an advance or is this self-funded and totally independent?

Brendan McNamara: The project is wholly funded by Sony Computer Entertainment America. We have a long-term exclusive arrangement with SCEA.

The two pieces that tipped me off are the “wholly funded by Sony” part and the “long-term exclusive agreement” part. There’s not exactly a lot of wiggle room for interpretation here. That is a pretty blunt and conclusive statement directly from the horse’s mouth.

Now, this exclusivity quote is widely posted on the Internet in many discussion boards and even on the Wikipedia page. Why are people so stubbornly persistent in believing that a 360 version will exist despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

UPDATE Thanks Jonathan Abbey: “L.A. Noire was previously to be published by Sony, but Sony dropped that deal, so it would seem very possible that it will go multiplatform.” OK, so PS3 exclusivity isn’t guaranteed. The exclusivity terms may or may not have been renegotiated and we simply don’t know. : 360 release likely
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  • All i can say ist: AMEN…

  • L.A. Noire was previously to be published by Sony, but Sony dropped that deal, so it would seem very possible that it will go multiplatform.

  • If you go to that the platform of L.A.Noire is marked as Next Generation Consoles…

  • Sporty

    While I personally don’t care if this comes to the 360, since PS3 is the lead platform, it’s not being ported by a 3rd tier outside studio like Ubisoft does. What I find interesting is the exact same financial report that confirmed Episodic content for GTAIV being 360 exclusive has LA Noire listed as a PS3 only.

    So I guess either that report is only good enough for SEC, stockholders and pro 360 news but anything pro PS3 isn’t accurate.

  • Mike

    Why did they give them money in the first place to develop it if they were not going to get it as an exclusive? This is the strangest thing I’ve heard since Level 5 sapped Microsoft for a whole lot of money to develop True Fantasy Online, which never came out.

  • Sporty

    Happens all the time Mike.

    Most games that are dropped by the publisher are canned. But some pick up other publishers and go on. Ask Double fine. Psychonauts was going to be a MS first party title but MS pulled out at a late stage. They ended up getting Majesco to publish and it went multi-platform. It’s actually more common then you would believe.

  • John

    If Sony dropped it, then it’s possible the title has issues.
    I don’t see why a publisher title would drop a potential AAA title, unless they did not like what they saw (and wanted to avoid a Daikatana).